Waiting To Go Online

        That feeling at the end of a photo shoot is great, the team is happy with the results and very excited to share their newest work. But… Most of the times we have to wait a few weeks or months for the new (non-commisioned) editorial to get published. For high-end magazines or websites it’s 100% worth it, but for some online magazines that are not really populair, I don’t see a good reason to wait so long to share my newest work.

        Because after a few weeks or months I already made many more new editorial so I’m less excited about that particular story from a while ago. Most of the time, the newest editorial is your favorite, so I think for non-commisioned editorials it’s better to not to wait that long! Besides that, I can see in my Google Analytic Stats that the most new visitors are visiting my portfolio website via Social Media and almost not via the online magazine.

        That is why I started with the Exclusive Editorials on this blog! New work (from the previews in the image above) are coming soon!

        What do you think about (online) publication? Is it worth it to wait for weeks to share your editorial?

        Liselotte Fleur


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