How to Transfer Photos from Your Camera to Your Computer

        As you could see on my latest post I was shooting on location without the orange TetherTools cable, however the client was able to see the images directly on my new laptop (the Lenovo Ideapad 720S-3IKBR).

        A lot of photographers asked on my Instagram Stories how this works, so I decided to create a post about this topic. I often use the WIFI function of my cameras, not only to send the photos to my phone to post it on Instagram, but also to transfer the photos directly from my camera to the computer while shooting. I already do this for many years now and all clients and team members are happy with this feature! And it’s better for me as well, because now I don’t have to show all the images at the small LCD screen at the back of camera.


        Cable or Wireless?

        First make your decision: shoot with a cable or use the WIFI function of your camera. In the studio or when I don’t have to move around too much, I use the TetherTools cable of 4,6 meters to connect the camera and computer, this makes a good and reliable connection. On location I prefer to use the WIFI function of my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. It works almost the same, and I will show you how I do this!

        What program to use?

        With Adobe Lightroom you are able to import the photos in a high quality, but it takes a bit longer because it transfers only the RAW files. If you don’t shoot very fast this is a great option, but for me it doesn’t work the most of the time. I know a lot of photographers work with Capture One, but I don’t have experience with this program yet.

        Personally I prefer the Canon EOS Utility (if you have Nikon it’s called: Nikon Wireless Transmitter Utility) because it allows me to transfer only the JPG files to the computer and it stores the RAW files + the JPG files on the memory card in my camera. This works very fast, so the client doesn’t have to wait for the photos to show up on the screen.

        In the Canon EOS Utility app I always choose for Remote Shooting and make sure to press the Preferences button on the bottom left to choose the option to only import the JPG files if you also prefer this! I always tell the client and team members that the photo on the computer is a low resolution so they don’t have to worry about the contrast or colours etc. During the shoot it’s important that everyone can see if the styling, hair, makeup, composition and expressions of the model are good.Advertisement

        I decided to travel with the Lenovo Ideapad 720S because it’s a super lightweight, equipped with a high quality matt IPS screen with bright colours and more important, it holds the latest generation of the i7 processor so it’s very fast!









        Liselotte Fleur