Too Many Ideas

Currently I’m working on new concepts for this blog and very soon my portfolio website will be updated, I will delete all the pictures and make a new start, I’ll use a different image size and a better layout for example. And what about the blog?

I started this blog last year as a page to share backstage stories about photo shoots and to make it more personal because there are only pictures on my portfolio website ( Personally I like to follow other photographers on social media and their blogs to get inspired and to take a peek in their live. With this blog and my Facebook page, I hope to inspire others with photography tips and my own story! When I look next to me right now there is a notebook full with ideas for new posts and shoots for the upcoming months. I’m also thinking about workshops (as I was approached several times) or Youtube videos for the future. Very excited!

Let me know if you have any suggestions or questions for me in the comments, I’m looking forward!

These pictures are made by me and my boyfriend in Nijmegen. Love the location!