The Start Of February

        January was a very productive month! I did many portfolio shoots and I did a big campaign shoot for Nelson Shoes with 8 models. We worked with 2 female, 2 male and 4 kids models and we were shooting in the studio for 11 hours. This was an intensive but fun day!

        A few days later I created a new portfolio shoot with an creative team on a beautiful location. I worked with daylight and we are all very happy with the results, right now we are waiting for the photos to get published!

        The day after I worked at the stylist’s home to create a lifestyle/fashion editorial. Sometimes it’s good to create series that future clients will ask for. Some magazines or brands work in this style so we enjoyed to create this kind of editorial ourselves. The light you see here is a continuous light source, ‘Aputure 120D’.

        A few days later I worked with a team in a museum where there was not so much light, I worked with the Aputure 120D again and combined this with the available daylight. Not my favourite situation to work with.. But it was a good day and it’s always nice to shoot on special locations.

        As you can see I worked a lot these days. I also had some interesting meeting with new clients so I’m also looking forward to see how this will turn out. I wish I could upload more blogposts with useful tips, but I’ll promise that I will share better content soon :)

        Right now I’m waiting at the airport to go to Marrakech for the upcoming week! I will attend business related workshops with a few other female entrepeneurs and I will create new fashion shoots of course. I’m super excited for this trip. You can follow this little adventure at my Instagram @liselottefleur!

        Liselotte Fleur


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        Hello, can you tell me please what the type of lights are which are the four little lights with Barn doors under the giant white umbrella?Do you ever rent lights or other equipment? Thank you.