The Magical Picture

        I found this picture at the website and I agree that this is the right balance for a good picture.

        The technical part is about understanding your equipment to think about what kind of lenses and light you will need. Of course it‘s important to know a lot about your gear and the technical part of photography like the shutter speed, aperture and iso, but don’t let it control you. Some photographers can be obsessed with this, but all famous pictures are always more than just technical good shots.

        Then we have the emotional portion of the shooting triangle. An emotional connection in a picture can be found in the expression or the pose of the model, but also in the colors or the mood/concept of the photo shoot. The social interaction of the team is also very important, and in particular the interaction between the photographer and the model. Before a model can show her emotions in front of the camera, she should feel comfortable and relaxed. I can’t describe the feeling when there is a magical connection between all team members, it feels so good, and you will see this in the results of the pictures.

        And last but not least, we have the conceptual part. The concept of the photo shoot need to be planned out. Be sure about the story you would like to tell and search for good team members (stylist, make-up artist, hair artist, model) and a location to make this all happen. I learned a lot about the conceptual part of photography at the art academy. The concept of the pictures I made was way more important than the techniques I used. It’s all about learning how to tell a story with your own vision. This will take a lot of time and practice.

        A good balance of all this together can help you every time to create that magical picture.

        What do you think?

        Liselotte Fleur