The Best Tips & Tricks For Your Olympus PEN

        When I first received my Olympus PEN camera, I had to figure out about all the settings and what works the best for me. It was not easy to change settings like ISO and White Balance because I was not able to find them very fast while shooting. But… after changing some things in the Menu it’s super easy now! So get your camera and let’s have a look together.

        The Fashion Cameraget more out of the settings menu

        It’s time to get access to more settings for your camera!

        Press: Menu – Spanner Icon – Menu Display – Cogs Icon – Turn the Cogs Menu Display On

        When you press Menu, the cogs icon will appear. Now you are able to assign functions to buttons and turn on a lot of good things! More in the next step.

        The Fashion Camera

        Super control panel

        Sounds good right? The Super Control Panel is the best thing for easily changing your settings like ISO, WB, JPG/RAW, aspect ratio, face priority and so much more. Ok now let’s turn in on!

        Press: Menu – Cogs Menu – D. Display/PC – Control Settings – Select P/A/S/M – Tick the Live SCP and untick the other box. Go Back to Control Settings and to the same for iAuto, ART and SCN.

        The Fashion Camera

        Your favorite setting at the FN button

        I’m changing the ISO very often, so I wanted to create a short cut to the ISO settings.

        Press: Menu – B. Button/Dial – Button Fuction – Set the FN Function to ISO or something else
        The Fashion Camera

        Create awesome instagram photos

        The power of Instagram is the squared photo (or almost squared 5:4 photo). This camera will help you to capture that perfect high quality shot! Simply change your aspect ratio to 1:1 in the Super Control Panel at the bottom. Right now it’s probably set to 3:2 or 4:3.

        The Fashion Camera

        tap, focus and shoot

        The Olympus PEN has a touchscreen with a touch focus option, same as your phone! But there are two options..

        Click the finger tapping icon on your screen at the left side to turn the touchsreen on. When you see a finger tapping hand in a rectangle, this means you can tap the screen for focussing. When you tap the icon another time, the hand and two lines will show up, this means you can tap and take a photo.

        The Fashion Camera

        Share and edit with your phone

        First download the Olympus App in the App Store and tap the WiFi Button on the screen. Now get your phone and go to the WiFi Settings, choose the name of your camera. Open the Olympus App and you can see all the photos you just made. Choose the best ones and download them to your phone.

        The Fashion CameraNow open a photo editor app like VSCO or Afterlight and edit the photo in your own style! Now you are ready to share your high quality photo to your Social Media without using a computer! Perfect for on the go.

        The Fashion Camera

        Your phone as a remote

        Imagine, you have to take self portraits for your blog but you are not able to ask a photographer, the Olympus PEN and your phone will help you out! Get the camera on a tripod and connect the your camera and phone with the WiFi function (see the details in the tip above). Now select the Remote Option in the App and there you go! You can now change the settings and the focus and simply press the release button on the screen to get your shot. Another big plus of using your phone as a remote instead of a regular remote: you will see what your camera sees! So you can check your hair before taking that photo :)

        The Fashion Camera

        Flip the screen for selfies or flatlays

        Using the flip screen helps to avoid standing in impossible positions to get the right shot. Just flip it down for selfies and half-way for flatlays.

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion CameraThe perfect lens for blurred backgrounds

        The 25mm f/1.8 and the 45mm f/1.8 are amazing for photos with that famous blurred background! Set the aperture to f/1.8 and see what happens!

        The Fashion Cameramake your camera more personal

        With the combination of the stylish BodyJacket and a matching Shoulder Strap you can give your camera a different look that matches your style. See all fashion accessories and choose what look fits your camera the best!


        Liselotte Fleur



        Hoi Liselotte, super mooie blog site heb je! Je hebt me helemaal enthousiast gemaakt over de Olympus Pen… maar ik ben ook zo benieuwd naar je manier van de foto’s bewerken naderhand. Kun je iets meer daarover weggeven? thnx gr femke

        Ik heb ook de Olympus Pen en ik ben er na een jaartje nog steeds gelukkig mee. Handige tips dit! Ik vind het soms wel lastig om de sluitertijd vast te stellen.

        Hi Laura, fijn dat de camera nog goed bevalt! Bedoel je hoe de sluitertijd werkt en wat je hier mee kan? Of bedoel je het instellen op je camera van de sluitertijd? Hier is een ieder geval een uitleg over de sluitertijd in het algemeen!