Taste The Good Life – Horsepower

        Remember my post of the Detox Tea by Tastea? Today I finished both the morning and the evening blend so it was time to choose a new tea blend at This time I decided to go for the Horsepower to boost my immune system and prevent wrinkles.

        I can tell you the taste and the smell of this blend is great! It’s completely different from the Detox Tea because the flavor of raspberry and strawberry is more sweet than the detox blends. But I can’t choose if I prefer the taste of Detox Evening or the Horsepower blend. I use the Tastea Infuser Bottle where I wrote about in my previous post or a normal tea infuser and a tea glass.

        Why Horsepower?

        • Boosting your immune system
        • Fighting skin aging
        • Preventing wrinkles
        • Preventing various severe diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers. Warning: this is due to the tea fending off free radicals and is not a cure.

        This tea is bursting with antioxidants which is a catchall name for vitamins and minerals, and helps fend off free radicals.

        Ingredients: Green tea china sencha, white tea pai mu tan, birch leaves, horsetail, china white monkey, natural flavouring (raspberry – violet flower – strawberry taste), raspberry, and mallow.

        Good news ladies! Because I want you to try this delicious tea blends too, I have a discount for you! Use ‘thefashioncamera‘ as a coupon code during the checkout. Enjoy!

        Liselotte Fleur




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