Small Gifts For Photography Lovers

        Part 2 with fun gift inspiration is here! With the holiday season approaching, we collected fun items for all photography lovers out there! What is your favorite to give or to receive?

        A fancy camera strap is something that every photographer need to make their camera more personal! And as a photography lover, they never have enough photo frames, the frame above (1) is the size for an Instax polaroid photo. The frame number 10 is a glitter frame to spice up their favorite photo! The famous lens mug is also a fun gift, it looks so real. I think almost all photography lovers have or want an analog camera to use as decoration in their home or office space. I already have a few in my decor but  I can’t get enough of it!

        The Fashion Camera

        1. Black Geo Instax Frame 2. Camera Led Keyring 3. Lens Mug 4. Toilet Paper Holder 5.USB Super Hub 6. Vintage Camera 7. Memory Card Case 8. Camera Straps 9. Dog Bag Dispenser 10. Glitter Frame

        Missed part 1?


        Liselotte Fleur


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