Safe in The City

        I already new XD Design from their award winning Bobby Anti-theft backpacks, but they just came with a new and innovative design, called: the Cathy Backpack.

        This backpack opens at the back side, so my camera and personal stuff are save all the time. But this backpack has more…

        Did you know that 65% of all women have had to deal with some kind of harassment? Empower yourself with the Cathy Protection Backpack!

        As a woman living in a big city, I don’t feel safe all the time. Especially when I have to travel alone and when it’s getting dark outside. I remember that day when a strange man followed me, it started in the subway where he came to close, luckily I had to go out the next stop so I was not afraid at first. Then he decided to follow me.. It was around 6 o’clock in the afternoon and I was close to a small shopping center, luckily one store was not closed yet so I walked in and told them I was followed by a strange man. They closed the store and told him to leave. He didn’t agree in the first place, but he left and I was safe again.

        At that moment, I wish I they already invented the Cathy Backpack. By pressing one button twice on the shoulder strap, a loud alarm is triggered, scaring away your aggressor. And if nobody can hear you, there is also a great solution. By pressing the second alarm button twice Cathy will send a silent alarm through the Cathy APP on your connected phone. Up to 3 people  will receive your SOS and exact location.

        Personally I think this is a great innovation for everyone who prefer to feel safe at any time. And I know it’s important that a bags looks fashionable as while, and I can tell you this backpack is approved! It opens at the backside, so not only you, but also your personal belongings are safe :)

        Interested in this Protection Backpack by XD Design? Check their website!

        This post was created in collaboration with XD Design.

        Liselotte Fleur