Recap: 3 Months In California

        One year ago – at September 21 – I took a flight to Los Angeles for almost 3 months. It was my first time in The States and for me it always was a dream to live in California for a little while. With my camera of course! I visited Jessica, an American girl of my age I met on a photography site like 9 years ago. I was able to sleep in her apartment during this time. We had a great time and I also wanted to spent time by myself to make it my own adventure! Soon I organized appointments with model agencies and I did many photoshoots on the most amazing locations. The final 2 weeks of my trip my boyfriend came to LA and we did a California road trip to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Yoshua Tree, Laguna Beach and more! Have a look at the recap with links to the blog post I wrote last year!


        Beverly Hills was my favorite part of LA. I loved walking around in the streets with the typical high palm trees!


        My First Week In The City Of Angels. This view by night was amazing.


        Ice Coffee was my daily order at Starbucks or Ground Work.


        Here I was scouting girls for my LA Series, for example the shoot I did with Daisy May.


        Photographer Stefanie Vinsel and I made a trip to Mount Baldy and we captured each other while discovering new places and watching the sunset. I also made photos of her.


        My favorite in the LA Series, the shoot I did with Bleu in Malibu!


        That moment when some asked if this beautiful model from Poland ask if we were sisters.

        The famous pink wall!


        That Magical day at Yoshua Tree National Park with Kelsey.

        Liselotte Fleur in California

        I was so happy when my boyfriend came to visit me. We did a fun road trip in California for two week!

        Liselotte Fleur in CaliforniaWe spent a weekend in San Francisco and I wish we had more time for this awesome city!

        Liselotte Fleur in California

        Red Rock Canyon was a cool (literally) experience. Liselotte Fleur in California

        Our 5* hotel in Las Vegas, this was such a fun experience!

        Liselotte Fleur in California

        With the Coachella Valley in the background.


        The end! I hope you enjoyed the recap. Have you been in California before, or where would you like to go?


        Liselotte Fleur