Raw Beauty – Akke Marije & Anne Wytske

My on-going project about my fascination for perfection and imperfection. As a fashion photographer I’m always working with a creative team to capture a fashion story where everything has to be beautiful, the clothes, the makeup, the hair, the poses and we are almost striving to make a surreal image, on set with professional studio lighting and in Photoshop. That is something I loved about fashion photography, to create a new kind of world. But at the other side, I can’t get enough of capturing natural beauties. During my stay in Los Angeles and Milan I captured many professional models, without makeup in their own clothes, outside on location with daylight. This was something what inspired me a lot. A pure natural face, being herself in front of my camera without the possibility to ‘hide’ behind makeup or fashion styling. The rules: no make-up – no styling – no extreme retouch.

This time featuring the 21 year old Akke Marije (winner Holland’s Next Topmodel 2016) and Anne Wytske @ Touche Models.

photography: Liselotte Fleur
models: Akke Marije & Anne Wytske @ Touche Models