Questions & Answers Part III

        I answered three new questions about studio lightning, backdrops and behind the scenes videos!

        Juliane: I discovered you through your work on Chapter Friday. I enormously enjoy your work on this website, that I read every day. As you are a lot more advanced in photography than me I wondered wether you might accept to answer an important question of mine.  I’ve been enjoying photography for some years now and I am searching for a good light source for my pictures. I’ve seen that you use the Profoto flashlights, but as these are not really in my price range I wanted to ask you what other good brands you could recommend?
        Thanks for the sweet words Juliane!  I think Elinchrom is a good option for professional lights and it is a bit cheaper than Profoto! Or if you don’t want to spend to much money because you would like to figure out if you like to work with studio lightning and practice your skills, Falcon Eyes can be an option! It will probably take some time to learn how it works, so take your time and have fun!

        Matt: I just saw that you had the opportunity to shoot some of the Savage Universal backdrops. Since there are tons of backdrops on the market I’m curious if you can give me some advise. I’m mainly interested in the hand painted muslins. Would you recommend them? Whats your favorite ‘color’?
        I can really recommend the Savage Hand Painted backdrops! The quality is very good and they will look professional and beautiful at the pictures. For a light background I use the ‘Milano’ color and for a dark background I prefer the ‘Bogota’. But it depends on your concept and taste what color will suite you the best! Good luck :)

         Eva: I can’t wait to see a backstage video or a vlog of one of your photo shoots, do you think there will show up one of these on your blog soon?
        As soon as I will find a videographer or when I will have an exciting or big photo shoot, there will be a short video or vlog for sure!

        Do you have a question too? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

        (photo made by Marijn for

        Liselotte Fleur



        I just came over from Chapter Friday where I absolutely loved your photograpghy. I want to improve my skills too but right now I only own a Sony Cyber-Shot. Since I probably won’t be able to buy a new camera for a while now what would you advice to get better photos with what I own now?

        Girl Against Oleka

        I’m working on a new photography tips post for you!