Questions & Answers part II

        I answered your questions about my name, what I wear at photo shoots, and a tip for a lightweight retro camera!

        Sandra: Is Fleur your surname?

        Nope! Fleur is my second name. During my exchange period in Milan I discovered that my name Liselotte Vollebregt was too difficult to pronounce and to remember (what is very important of course! You want people to remember and recognize your name). Besides this, Vollebregt sounds a bit boring and it is quite long. My second name is way shorter. That made me decide three years ago to add Fleur and skip the surname in my ‘artist name’! Liselotte is a Scandinavian name and Fleur is French. I like this combination to be honest :)

        Romina: I have a DSLR camera at the moment, but to capture the special moments with my kids and on holidays, I would like to have a smaller and lightweight camera. I saw your Olympus PEN and I liked this one! What do you recommend for me?
        Very recognizable! I have the same problem, I don’t like to walk all day with my heavy DSLR on city trips for example. I think the Olympus PEN E-PL7 is a great option for you too. But you told me you prefer a flashlight and a viewfinder within the camera. Then you can have a look at the Olympus OM-D E-M10. When you made your decision, don’t forget to invest in one or two lenses to start with! I think zoom lenses are perfect for you, because probably with kids you don’t have the time to change a prime lens. I’m sure you will enjoy the good quality of the lenses and the lightweight retro design of the camera!

        Claire: What is your favorite outfit at work / during a photo shoot?
        I don’t know exactly why, but the most of the time the team behind the camera wears black, including me. Maybe it’s because you don’t want to stand out too much. It’s all about the model and the pictures, not about you. And wearing black or other basic colours is always good! As a photographer I often sit (or even lie!) on the ground, so I can’t dress up too fancy. To avoid awkward situations: no short skirts and too tight clothes for example. I wear where I feel comfortable in that day, so it depends every time.

        Sabrina: When you show up for a shoot do you have a clear idea of what you’re going for?
        Of course I prepare myself for a photo shoot together with the team, but when it is possible, I like to experiment a bit and see what will happen. When I work on location with daylight, there can happen a lot. For example, the weather (the light!) can change and I can use different corners of the location. Sometimes I didn’t see the location before, so when I arrive at the location in the morning I will search for the best places. I really like those surprises, and it’s also great when a creative team comes together and everybody tells their opinion that will turn into new ideas. Actually, that is the magic thing that I love in this job. You never know what will happen exactly!

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        Liselotte Fleur