Q&A Time With My New Intern

        Today my new intern Lois and I wrote down 5 questions for each other to answer about photography and our careers. Let’s have a look!

        Q&A Liselotte

        Lois: What more do you want to accomplish/do during your photography career?

        Liselotte: One thing that I really want to do is going on paid work trips! And working for more commercial brands and magazines. Also this year I want to create more natural portrait series with models both on location and in my studio.

        What do you think is the most difficult when it comes to photography?

        The question I got asked the most from starting photographers is, how do you find your clients? Or how do they found you? Some people say I’m just lucky, but they forget that I’m already doing this for many years and I’m working hard to chase my dreams within photography. It’s a hard business and I’m not waiting for anyone to call me for an assignment, but I’m working everyday to get noticed. I update my Instagram daily, and my Facebook weekly. Of course this blog and my website is also a good way to connect with people who are interested in fashion photography.

        What do you like the most about photography?

        Photography is my way to express myself. With my camera in my hand I feel more self-confident. It also gives an opportunity to visit awesome places and meet new people. I get inspired by locations, light and interesting faces. A perfect combination for a photographer :)

        Who do look up to?, who is a great example? (photographer)

        Peter Lindbergh! I went to his exhibition in the Kunsthal yesterday, read more about my toughts in this post.

        Would you want to go the foreign countries for your career? If yes, name a few?

        Oh yes! I’m regularly thinking about the fact if I want to stay in The Netherlands or if I want to move but I’m not sure what is the best place for my work. I love Italy and I’ve already lived in Milan for 6 months what I really enjoyed, also for fashion photography possibilities. My boyfriend loves the nature and the mountains in northern Italy and Austria/Switzerland what is really close so we’ve been talking about this. But I also love the USA, like LA or New York, but that is so expensive… But we will see what the future brings. Maybe I’ll stay here and end up traveling regularly, that’s also fine!

        See more of Liselotte’s work here.

        Q&A Lois

        Liselotte: What inspires you the most?

        Lois: The emotions of people inspire me the most. And feelings. When a photographer in general (and me) is able to show the emotions from a person in a photo, and the person watching the photo can really feel those emotions, then I think that is at least one important goal accomplished. It is what makes the picture so much more interesting.

        The most of your photos are black and white, why do you choose black and white above color?

        I choose black and white over color, because I feel like black and white speaks out. It’s got more dynamics and depth. It gives the photo more emotions (I am referring to question 1) every person on this planet already sees colors all the time, all day long. And then for the photo’s to be in color a well? I would go for black and white. Though I must say I would like to experiment with colors in my photos.

        You are almost graduated as a photographer, what are your plans and dreams?

        First I would love to do a HBO education (higher education then I am graduating from now). But I am not sure. Maybe I would like to work right away. First in a photography store or for another photographer. And while I do that, I hope to learn a lot more, and after some time I would love to have my own studio. I would also like to travel the world and capture beautiful moments.

        What would you like to learn from me as a fashion photographer during your internship, while your work contains mostly street and portrait images?

        I used to only be interested in street photography. But since a while I became more and more interested in fashion and portrait photography. Mainly portrait. What I would love to learn from you is how to get better in portrait and also fashion photography. I must admit fashion photography is completely new to me. But portrait photography not so much. I would also like to learn how it works when it comes down to working together with a team (makeup artist and stylist etc). And I really want to improve my Photoshop skills.

        If you could choose any kind of gear (lights, camera, lenses) what would it be?

        The last three years I have been working with a Nikon D7000 camera. I would like to continue doing that since I am very pleased with this camera. When it comes down to lenses, I work with a 55-200mm lens. But only when I photograph on location. When I work in the studio I would like to have a smaller lens. For in the studio I would like to have at least 2 lights from Bowens. And ofcourse 2 softboxes.

        See more of Lois’ work here.

        Liselotte Fleur