Q&A – Explorations In Photography

        Fashionpushzine, an online magazine, asked me to do an interview for their explore issue. And so I did! I would love to share the questions and my answers with you too!



        When did you start taking photos and what got you into it?
        It all started when at the age of 15. I already knew that I was interested in fashion and portraits so I made many pictures with my sister and friends acting as my models. In that time I experimented a lot and at the age of 17 I was accepted at the Art Academy in Rotterdam. I was really inspired by how I could use conceptual art into fashion photography, in such a way that I also could use my own imagination. In fashion photography it’s important to collaborate with stylist, make-up artists and model agencies. So I did, and it is great to work with those talented people in this industry. At the start of my third year, I decided to participate in an exchange program, so I studied for six month at the Art Academy in Milan, Italy. I could not resist to arrange a lot of photo shoots in my free time. It was great to meet all these new international and creative people. During this period I learned a lot about myself and my photography. During the graduation period I went to Paris and Milan to work on beautiful locations. For me it’s important to expand my workflow and I’m constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. Since my graduation 2 years ago I worked for Chapter Friday, ELLE, Glamour and many talented fashion designers and brands.

        What inspired you the most?
        I get inspired by a lot of things, but I think I get inspired the most by beautiful locations, travels and people. For example, I went to California on my own for almost 3 months to discover new places, met new (creative) people and to think about new concepts and ideas for my photography business.

        How would you describe your portfolio/work?
        People describe my style of photgraphy as clean, femine and pure and I agree. I’m always searching for little surprises when I’m behind the camera. I can find these in my fascination for perfection, unexpected moments and working with daylight. I also get inspired by the unique beauty of a person. And while fashion is all about the beautiful clothes, make-up and accessories, a portrait is about capturing a person in a natural and more personal way. That’s why I love the combination: it’s the mix that makes it interesting! Besides getting inspired by people, I am lucky that my job as a photographer doesn’t require me to be in a set place, I can work from anywhere! It is refreshing to see how another place or a beautiful location can inspire me. 

        How do you explore with your photography?
        I explore with my photography to work with different team members, models and locations. Also the combination of working in a studio or working on location works good for me.

        What have you learned from your explorations?
        I’ve learned so much that I don’t know where to start. I learned about my style, about what kind of people I prefer to work with, what kind of light I think is beautiful and about how to work in a team.

        What is your favourite part of a fashion shoot?
        Although I like the meetings, the phone calls and emails before the shoot and the editing after the shoot, my favourite part is the moment that I grab my camera to capture the best shot.

        Do you prefer to work in small or large teams during shoots?
        Both! Again: it’s all about the combination that makes my job interesting and fun. When working in smaller teams you can work really close together because when working in bigger teams it can be a bit confusing because everybody has their own opinion and ideas. But working in bigger teams feels good because everybody is working hard to get the best results together and it is fun to meet a lot of new people on set.

        What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?
        I think the moment when I visited model agencies in Los Angeles and they told me they really liked my work and they offered me to work with their best models. And the moment when I opened my own photography studio and workspace in Rotterdam!

        What was your favourite shoot location?
        Can I choose 2? That was the shoot I did in Malibu at a secret/hidden beach and the shoot I did in Joshua Tree National Park. Love these locations and the light is amazing over there. Hello golden hour!

        What would be your dream photoshoot?
        My dream photo shoot will be my first fashion shoot for a big established fashion magazine!

        You’re so young, and yet so successful! What advice do you have for aspiring fashion photographers?
        Thanks! My advice to aspiring photographers is to go out and shoot as much as you can. Don’t be afraid and chaise your dreams!

        Liselotte Fleur