Q&A With Model Paulette

        A few years ago I captured Paulette when she was just 15, last week she (20 years old now) was in my studio. Together with makeup artist Melanie Foeh we did a beauty shoot in my studio. I also did an interview with Paulette, read her story and see the photos below!

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera

        Name: Paulette Suwijn
        Agency: Dune Agency
        Instagram: @paulettesuwijn

        I’m Paulette, 21 years old and I live in Utrecht. I’m born and raised in Hengelo with my two sisters. Currently I’m studying pedagogy and I just signed with Dune Agency.

        What is your favourite part of a fashion shoot?

        I really enjoy photoshoots! Every shoot you create something completely different together with a team. Showing a different version of yourself everytime the makeup artist changed your hair and makeup is really nice. But the greatest part is to see the results!

        What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?

        It was really cool when I got booked for the Elle Style Awards. My photo was published in Elle Magazine en there was a big poster of my photo at a famous building in Amsterdam (Muziek Gebouw aan het IJ). 

        What would be your dream photoshoot? (Location, people, theme, etc.)

        I love every kind of shoot, but if I have to choose, I would go for a cover shoot!

        What makes you happy?

        What makes me happy is very cliché but true: my family and my boyfriend.

        What are you really good at?

        I love singing, and to be honest, it doesn’t sound very bad :)

        What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?

        I don’t have an accent, but I’m from Twente and people are very surprised when I tell them. The most inhabitants of Twente have a pretty strong accent!

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera

        A throw back to our first shoot at the left:

        The Fashion Camera

        photography: Liselotte Fleur
        makeup and hair: Melanie Foeh @ Colourfool Agency
        model: Paulette @ Dune Agency

        Liselotte Fleur




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