Q&A – June’18

        June was a great month! I did a few commercial shoots and right now I’m finishing the final photos before I’m going to Rome this Saturday (for Holiday, ‘unfortunately’ not for work). For July I’m working on new fashion editorials to expand my portfolio and to share new work on this blog!

        I’m also collecting new ideas for blog posts, so please feel free to share your thoughts or photography related questions in the comments. Recently I asked the same question on Instagram, and I picked three questions to answer here today.

        Megan: How did you start shooting & working with models? I’d love to do that but feel like I need to hone my vision more!

        I started shooting with my sister and friends as models more then 10 years ago. The best photos were published on my website so the model agency could see my photography style. I just wrote them an email and asked for the ‘new faces’ (starting and/or young models) who also could expand their portfolio. In this way the model and the agency are happy with new photos and you are able to great beautiful images with a model. Make sure to create a moodboard with inspiration photos to send in your first email to the agency, so they now what to expect. And this is also good to show to the model, so she knows what you would like to capture that day. I can imaging that you are a bit shy the first time to give directions to the model, but keep in mind that the model can be shy as well, so it’s important that you give her compliments during the shoot and tell her what pose works good and why. Just go for it and you will notice that your photos are getting better and better!

        Eva: Your inspiration! Like to know your fav photographers and why?

        I get my inspiration from traveling, fashion magazines and books, working with creative teams and I really have a preference for a type of model where I would like to work with.

        And about the photographers, I really love the work of Peter Lindbergh. I wrote a blog post about him last year, click here to read it! And I think Lara Jade is very inspiring because she is a young photographer and works with amazing clients and magazines.

        Dave: I wonder how you are able to work with models / where to find models?

        I think your question is very similar to the first one, and the blog post: How To Direct Your Models Like a Pro might be interesting for you!

        The Leica CL you see in the images above is an 35mm film camera from my grandpa, and it’s still working! I love the look of these old cameras and I use them as decoration in my home and in my studio.

        Liselotte Fleur