Protecting My Eyes For Blue Light

        As a freelancer I spent a lot of time behind my computer, not only to edit photos, but also to sent emails, organise new shoots, do my administration and creating new moodboards. Not even to talk about the use of my smartphone for social media, messages and calls. It was time to buy glasses with a blue light filter to protect my eyes. I’ve read some articles about the bad effects of blue light and I was very interested in trying this kind of glasses.

        I went to Eye Wish in Rotterdam were they helped me very good. We started with a eye test but I already knew that my eyes were pretty good. Only my left eye needed some light correction in the glass and the right part of the glass is just normal. Then it was time to discover what glasses suited me the most. We looked at my shape of my face and skin colour and soon we knew round glasses are not made for me unfortunately..

        I tried different shapes and brands until we found the perfect brown Gucci glasses from the 2019 collection.

        Just two weeks later the glasses were ready to wear!





        TIP: Don’t use a blue light filter when you are editing colours!

        I’m very happy with the glasses and I wear them quite often. One thing that you have to be aware of: the colours and contrast are a little bit different when you wear this kind of glasses. So I don’t wear them when I’m working on in Lightroom with colours and presets. But as soon as I’m retouching the skin or anything else, I can wear them again.

        Fun fact: you can also use glasses to add a special effect to your photos!

        This post was sponsored by Eye Wish.

        Liselotte Fleur


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        You look cute in these glasses. And thanks for this article.
        It is really helpful for me as I am also a working girl and works 12 hours a day in front of screen from which my eyes are affecting for the bad. So Your tip is useful for me
        Thanks a ton . .