How I Edit My Photos / New: My Presets Shop

        My Lightroom & Photoshop presets are now for sale! I’m very happy to share my very first preset pack with you. I love to use these presets to achieve a beautiful film look, I use them for my fashion and portrait shoots, but also for my travel photos. After receiving many question about my editing process, I decided to make it super easy for you. You can visit my web shop at, can’t wait to see your edited photos!

        Use this advanced editing technique and speed up your workflow with my latest presets. These presets will enhance the scenery in your photos and have a film-like feel to achieve beautiful results. Great for your portraits, lifestyle and travel projects!

        Intended to be used in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop on RAW and JPG files. I recommend to play around with the Exposure Adjustment, Contrast and White Balance to get the best results for your own photos.

        The ESSENTIALS pack consist 4 color presets and 1 black and white preset that are great for different shooting situations. They are designed for professional and starting photographers to enhance their work in just a few easy clicks!

        You will receive both the Lightroom preset file (.lrtemplate) and the Photoshop ACR file (.xmp).

        Have a look at the included presets below and slide to see my before and after photos.

        TFC 01 – New York

        This preset will give your image a moody and cool look. Great for fashion shoots.
        This preset is also available for single sale here.

        TFC 02 – Golden Glow:

        Perfect for the overcast shoots where you need some warm tones to achieve that beautiful golden glow. Good to use with your fashion photos, but also for travel shots.
        This preset is also available for single sale here.

        TFC 03 – Sundays

        This warm preset will give your photos a dreamy hue. It works good for landscapes, cityscapes and fashion photography if you like a vintage look.
        This preset is also available for single sale here.

        TFC 04 – Daydream

        Perfect for your best outdoor shoots. This preset is built to transform your photos into a moody but classic style.
        This preset is also available for single sale here.

        TFC 05 – Black + White

        This epic monochrome preset will compliment you by adding a unique touch to your photos!
        This preset is also available for single sale here.

        Click here to buy the pack.

        What you will receive:

        – A download link in your mailbox with these 5 presets for Lightroom + Photoshop.
        – How To Install guide

        click here to vist my preset shop!

        If you share your results on social media, be sure to use the hashtag #thefashioncamerapresets so I can follow along!


        Liselotte Fleur



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