I Wouldn’t Mind If These Were Mine

        1. Profoto D1 Studio Kit 2. Olympus 17mm f/1.8 lens 3. Artisan & Artist Camera Bag 4. Polaroid 300 Instant Camera 5. Eizo Coloredge CS240

        After a visit at the Kamera Express store I decided to make a wishlist with my absolute favorites. I wouldn’t mind if these were mine! Santa? :)


        1. I can’t wait to upgrade my studio lights and I love the Profoto collection. I used these lights during my beauty shoot two weeks ago. 2. For my Olympus PEN camera, I need a lens with a wider angle, because at the moment I own the 25mm (what is 50mm) and the 45mm (what is 90mm) lenses, so this 17mm (what is 34mm) will be the perfect addition to make some wider shots! Of course this is also a f/1.8 lens like the others. 3. A very cute and stylish leather camera bag for ladies, a must have! 4. Everybody loves Polaroid pictures! Believe me, this camera will be an eye-catcher on parties and travels. 5. An essential tool for photographers who are using Photoshop (read: all photographers): the Eizo monitor! There are different series available, but the ColorEdge monitor will be your new best friend. I worked on Eizo monitors several times before, and I think it’s time to decorate my workspace with this one soon.

        What products are on your wishlist?

        Liselotte Fleur


        1 COMMENT

        That bag looks gorgeous! X


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