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        All these tips are written from my own experience in photography. I'm already behind the camera for more than 13 years now and I started this blog in 2014 because I was looking for a photography blog with easy but useful photography tips.

        I'm also receiving a lot of question by mail or by private message on Instagram, please feel free to contact me so I answer your questions as well!

        Equipment × 26/01/2017

        How to Build An Affordable Home Photo Studio

        I know there are a lot of photographers out there who would love to have their own studio, but just don't have enough space for all the studio equipment that is needed. A portable studio is the right ...

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        Q & A × 14/01/2017

        Q&A Time With My New Intern

        Today my new intern Lois and I wrote down 5 questions for each other to answer about photography and our careers. Let's have a look! Q&A Liselotte Lois: What more do you want to accompli...

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        Olympus × 10/01/2017

        New Camera + I Booked a City Trip

        The Olympus OMD E-M1 Mark II is the best and newest camera of Olympus and I'm so excited to work with it from now on! Together with the Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro lens and the 25mm f/1.2 Pro lens I hav...

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        Olympus × 09/01/2017

        The Perfect Lens For Your Olympus Camera

        After using the Olympus 25mm f/1.8 for more than 2 years now, it was time to upgrade to the very new Olympus 25mm f/1.2 PRO that was introduced during Photokina in September 2016. I remember I got exc...

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        Photography Tips × 03/01/2017

        3 Tips For Starting A Photography Business

        For today's post I asked photographer Aspen Cierra to tell us more about the business side of photography. Know your cost of doing business (what’s the lowest amount you’ll get out of bed for?) and yo...

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        Q & A × 28/12/2016

        Q&A – About My Work and Travels

        "Liselotte Fleur, 25 jaar en geboren in Rotterdam, studeerde in 2013 af aan de Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam met als afstudeerrichting Fotografie. Tijdens haar studie volgde ze een semester ...

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        Q & A × 16/12/2016

        Q&A – Questions From Readers part I

        Even once in a while I receive interesting emails from my readers with photography related questions that can be inspiring for other photographers too, like the question below from Darian. I got permi...

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        Photography × 12/12/2016

        Photography Tips – Recap

        A recap to 10 blog posts full with photography tips! Currently I'm working on new tips posts for 2017, leave a comment or send me and email if you have any questions or suggestions! 1. How To Dir...

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        Equipment × 02/12/2016

        That One Camera Bag Every Woman Should Own

        The search for the perfect camera bag was an never ending story for me, but finally I've found the perfect one! Okay, for some shoots I need to bring all my lenses, laptop, studio lights and personal ...

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        Photography Tips × 30/11/2016

        Studio Shoot With Color Filters

        I love working with my Profoto D1 studio set to create a natural light, but once in a while a shoot need something extra to create a certain vibe. I bought a set of color filters a few years ago but I...

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