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        for fashion & portrait photographers

        All these tips are written from my own experience in photography. I'm already behind the camera for more than 13 years now and I started this blog in 2014 because I was looking for a photography blog with easy but useful photography tips.

        I'm also receiving a lot of question by mail or by private message on Instagram, please feel free to contact me so I answer your questions as well!

        Photography Tips × 25/02/2019

        Building a Career as an Introvert Photographer

        I can call myself an introvert and I'm fine with this because I learned how to deal with it. In my job as a fashion photographer I have to direct teams and work with new people all the time and this ...

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        Photography Tips × 24/02/2019

        What To Do If You Have A Quiet Month

        When you are working as a freelancer, you know never know how many jobs you will have to do the upcoming month. Sometimes I'm very busy and I have jobs every week, but there are also months where I h...

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        Photography Tips × 15/02/2019

        Q&A – Genres, Location, Portraits

        I really enjoy the community we have on Instagram right now, I receive many messages from other photographers world wide and I sometimes I ask if I can share the questions and answers on my blog as w...

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        Q & A × 01/01/2019

        Every Photographer Will Recognize This

        Photographer Cristie asked me some questions about the frustrations we all have about being a photographer, I will share my thoughts with you today. "I see so many talented photographers in my city ...

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        Q & A × 17/12/2018

        Q&A – About Study, Yearly Salary and Challenges

        I receive a lot of emails thanks to this blog, and most of these emails are from other (starting) photographers or students who would like to know more about my job as a fashion photographer. I receiv...

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        Photography × 07/12/2018

        Interview at Tether Talk

        One thing I always do on shoots with clients: shooting tethered. This means that my camera is connected with my laptop so the client and team members can see the results immediately. This works very w...

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        Photography × 17/10/2018

        From 24mm to 200mm

        One of my most populair posts is: The Best Lenses for Fashion Photography. Recently I did the same lens test during a portrait shoot with actrice Eline. We had just a 3 meter distance between us and m...

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        Olympus × 22/09/2018

        On The Road With The Olympus 40-150mm f/2.8

        If you are a frequent reader of this blog you might know that I don't use zoom lenses very often. But some situations need a good zoom lens to achieve good results. In Norway we had to capture cars in...

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        Equipment × 18/09/2018

        Polaroid OneStep 2 in Norway

        I just came back from an amazing work trip to Norway. What a beautiful country! I went together with Eric, and we had different jobs to do. It was great work together again and we see good opportuniti...

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        Photography × 28/07/2018

        Our New Preset Shop

        I'm proud to announce that we (my boyfriend and I) started a NEW company, TOGETHER! As photographers, one of the most common question is how we edit our photos. Eric & I decided to create a platfo...

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