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        All these tips are written from my own experience in photography. I'm already behind the camera for more than 13 years now and I started this blog in 2014 because I was looking for a photography blog with easy but useful photography tips.

        I'm also receiving a lot of question by mail or by private message on Instagram, please feel free to contact me so I answer your questions as well!

        Photography Tips × 26/01/2020

        9 Ways to Feel More Confident As A photographer

        It's not easy to get over self-doubt if you are checking your social media channels on a daily base. You see other photographers creating the most beautiful editorials, working with the best clients ...

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        The Business × 14/01/2020

        Waarom Nou Eigenlijk Modefotografie?

        Ik krijg ik regelmatig de vraag wanneer ik zeg dat ik modefotografie doe: “oh dus je fotografeert modeshows?”. Grappig, want dat is dus precies wat ik niet doe. Het tofste aan modefotografie is da...

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        Photography Tips × 17/11/2019

        Opleiding Tot Fotograaf Volgen?

        Ik weet nog goed dat mijn vader in 2012 zei: “Waarom ga je niet gewoon fotografie studeren?”. Ik dacht eerst dat hij een grapje maakte want ik had geen idee dat deze opleiding echt zou bestaan. Na ee...

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        The Business × 02/11/2019

        Wow, Genomineerd VIVA 400 ‘Creatieven’

        Wat een eer om genomineerd te zijn in de categorie 'Creatieven' van de jaarlijkse VIVA 400 Award! Ik ben ontzettend blij dat ik niet alleen kan genieten van het fotograferen zelf, maar ook andere...

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        Photography Tips × 25/09/2019

        5 Mistakes I Made as a Beginner

        Sometimes I'm thinking back about how much is changed in my career as a photographer. I already wrote a post before about 'How photography changed my life', where I'm sharing about the fact that I'm ...

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        Photography Tips × 29/08/2019

        Your Next Autumn Editing Workflow

        Yes! After the succes of my earlier preset packs like 'Summer Fashion' and 'Travel Portrait' I just created a new Lightroom preset pack! With this new pack called 'Fall Vibes' I'm sure that I can edi...

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        The Business × 26/08/2019

        Business Cards, Why I Still Use Them

        Recently I created these new business cards with a golden touch. Some people may think business cards are dead because of the digital age we are living in but I noticed that my clients still apprecia...

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        Photography Tips × 19/08/2019

        3 Reasons Why A Photography Business Fail

        Some people might think it's easy to start a photography business, but just because your photos are good, doesn't mean that your business will be successful as well. As a full time photographer, you ...

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        Equipment × 04/06/2019

        Keeping My Files Safe On The Go

        I love to travel around with my camera. I've made different beautiful trips where I captured models from all over the world. If I could choose, I would do this even more than I'm doing right now, but...

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        Photography Tips × 29/05/2019

        Five Quick Instagram Tips For Photographers

        Instagram is the place where I get in touch with new clients, stay in touch with my current clients and get inspired by other creatives. I post almost everyday because I enjoy to do this, but also be...

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