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        for fashion & portrait photographers

        All these tips are written from my own experience in photography. I'm already behind the camera for more than 13 years now and I started this blog in 2014 because I was looking for a photography blog with easy but useful photography tips.

        I'm also receiving a lot of question by mail or by private message on Instagram, please feel free to contact me so I answer your questions as well!

        Q & A × 19/03/2016

        Q&A – Explorations In Photography

        Fashionpushzine, an online magazine, asked me to do an interview for their explore issue. And so I did! I would love to share the questions and my answers with you too!   When did you start taki...

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        Photography Tips × 10/03/2016

        How To Bring Your Portfolio Together

        Today I would like to tell you my story about portfolio books. In the past few years I had different kind of portfolios and different kind of clients. I've learned from their advice, compliments and c...

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        Equipment × 02/03/2016

        New Backdrops And Boom Light Stand

        NL • Een tijdje terug bezocht ik Kamera Express in Rotterdam. Het werd tijd om eindelijk eens een boomarm statief aan te schaffen voor mijn grote Profoto Octabox die een diameter heeft van 150cm. Daar...

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        Photography × 12/02/2016

        My Own Studio! Before & After

        Fotostudio Rotterdam NL • Eind januari kreeg ik de sleutel van mijn eigen werkruimte die ik heb omgebouwd tot een fotostudio. Daarnaast is het voor mij een fijne plek waar ik rustig foto's kan be...

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        Photography × 29/01/2016

        Internship: Modefotografie Stagiaire Gezocht!

        Waar? Een werkplek in mijn studio in Rotterdam, maar je gaat ook mee naar shoots op locatie in diverse mooie plekken in Nederland, met name Amsterdam. Ben je: Fotografie student (op MBO o...

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        Equipment × 19/01/2016

        How To Stay Warm With Outdoor Shoots

        Also during the colder days some clients like to organize a photo shoot outside. I love to work on location so for me it is no problem. I prepare myself for the cold moments with warm clothes and I ma...

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        Equipment × 15/01/2016

        Inspiration For My Own Studio

        My dream since a long time is to own a small photo studio + a workspace where I can work on my photography assignments. Another nice thing is that I finally can hire a intern, because I keep receiving...

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        Q & A × 30/12/2015

        2015 – To End With 15 Questions

        Anne Cappendijk is a photography student at the Fotovakschool and via Instagram she discovered my photos, what has inspires her (Such a compliment!). For a school assignment she had to interview a pho...

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        Photography × 24/08/2015

        I’m In The Newspaper Today!

        It was quite strange to see my own face while I was reading the newspaper this morning. A few days ago the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad called me for a little interview and it was nice to see the ...

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        Photography × 24/08/2015

        Monday Motivation By Lola Haro

        During a photoshoot in the streets of Antwerp I met Lola, a sweet girl and model with her own unique style. She was very proactive in a pleasant way. It's great when models come up with some nice idea...

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