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        for fashion & portrait photographers

        All these tips are written from my own experience in photography. I'm already behind the camera for more than 13 years now and I started this blog in 2014 because I was looking for a photography blog with easy but useful photography tips.

        I'm also receiving a lot of question by mail or by private message on Instagram, please feel free to contact me so I answer your questions as well!

        Equipment × 12/08/2016

        Creating A Vintage Photo With A Digital Camera

        I love my old 35mm film camera's and my lomography camera, but it always takes a lot of time (and money) to process the photos before they are scanned to digital photos on my computer. I know it's wor...

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        The Business × 08/08/2016

        Waiting To Go Online

        That feeling at the end of a photo shoot is great, the team is happy with the results and very excited to share their newest work. But... Most of the times we have to wait a few weeks or months for th...

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        Photography Tips × 07/08/2016

        How To Survive A Photography Internship

         Hi guys! Liselotte asked me to tell you something about my experience being her intern and give you some advice, so here I am! My name is Nienke, I'm 22 and in September I'll start my last year in ar...

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        Photography Tips × 05/08/2016

        A Quick Guide To Manual Photography

        You bought a beautiful DSLR or mirrorless camera but you are still using the automatic mode for all of your photos? I can imagine that you are overwhelmed and impressed by the features of your camera,...

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        Photography Tips × 28/07/2016

        The 5 Best Light Shapers for Fashion Photography

        I tested 5 light shapers in my studio so I was able to talk about the differences during my lecture fashion photography on July 2th. Let's have a look at the results! I only used one light shaper at ...

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        Photography Tips × 14/07/2016

        The Best Lenses for Fashion Photography

         A question I often get asked is which lenses are best for fashion photography. It’s a tricky question because the answer is not only subjective, it also depends on your budget and photography style. ...

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        The Business × 28/06/2016

        Saying goodbye to my first intern

        Today it's time to say goodbye to my first photography intern. Kirby Beuk from Grafish Lyceum Rotterdam started in February when I just opened my studio, two days a week. Time flies when you're having...

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        The Business × 03/06/2016

        Lezing Modefotografie

        NL • Op zaterdag 2 juli 2016 geeft Liselotte Fleur een kijkje achter de schermen in haar leven als modefotograaf tijdens de lezing modefotografie in Kamera Express Superstore Barendrecht. In 2013 stud...

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        The Business × 20/05/2016

        The ultimate guide to respecting your photographer

        NL • Fotografe Kat Sink maakte deze leuke illustraties en vergelijkingen als "The ultimate guide to respecting your photographer". Ik vond deze op haar Facebook pagina en ik was het hier zo mee eens, ...

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        Photography Tips × 29/04/2016

        Easy Travel Photography Tips To Try

        Today I would like to share some tips about making good photos during your travels without being a professional photographer. You can even use these tips if you are just shooting with your smartphone!...

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