Photography Talk #3 – Beauty Shoot + Makeup Hacks

        English readers, unfortunately my videos are in Dutch. But to not let you miss out on too much, scroll down..

        NL • Deze week heb ik iets leuks voor jullie! Samen met haar en makeup-artist Elise Langenhuisen heb ik een beautyshoot gedaan met drie looks en hier een video bij gemaakt. Elise geeft handige tips over makeup en ik laat jullie weten welke instellingen en apparatuur ik gebruik en waarom. Laat me weten of jullie het leuk vonden en wie weet ga ik dit vaker doen!

        Makeup hacks by Elise Langenhuisen
        With two answers at every question! :)

        Which product should everyone have in their makeup-stash?

        A mattifying powder. Everyone struggles with a shiny skin every now and then, and not in a good way. With a mattifying powder you can easily get rid of these shiny spots.

        A basic eyeshadow-palette with nude colors isn’t just for your eyes. I use it to draw eyebrows and some of the light colors I even use as a highlight!

        Share a beauty secret with us..

        Ever found yourself in a situation that you didn’t have the perfect lipstick color? Well, you can make your own lipstick using eyeshadow! Mix the eyeshadow-powder with Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream. You can create the craziest colors!

        By putting dots in between your lashes using eyeliner, you can really open up your eyes and make them pop.

        What’s a mistake many makeup-lovers make?

        A lot of people pump their mascara, because they think they can get more product out. Not true! It makes your mascara clumpy. By moving the mascara-wand in a rotating way, you can apply it in a much more natural way!

        Foundation is the base of your makeup and so many people wear a shade too light or too dark. You can ask at your local makeup-store if they can help you find the right shade and you’ll shine and look younger!

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        Behind the scenes!

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