How To Use A 5-in-1 Reflector

Kamera Express asked me to tell you everything about reflectors, so I did! We created this video for you in Dutch to show you how to make better portraits with a reflector. It is a cheap (depends on the brand and the size) gadget to enhance your photography skills. I bought my first small reflector at a photo fair 9 years ago and I was surprised by the results. Today I would like to show you the differences when using a 5-in-1 80cm reflector, and yes this one is just € 19,95!


A reflector reflects light, just as is says. Seeing where the light is landing when you’re using a gold or silver reflector is easy. I recommend to hold the reflector above the model instead of below the model. Please watch the video to see what the big difference! For the white reflector it’s a little bit harder. The best method I have found for using a reflector is to move it back and forth and watch the light on your model. You will see the eyes lighten up. The change might be subtle, but you’ll be able to find the right angle for your reflector with a little practice. Also ask the model is she sees or feels the difference. If you’re using a silver or gold side, be careful in the full sun, the last thing you want to do is temporarily blind them :)


I prefer to use a reflector only on cloudy days, because the results will be too hard in the full sun, especially the silver and gold ones. You can also use the reflector when using backlight like I did with the photos below. The sun came from behind the model and the reflector is reflecting the light back to your model’s face. Of course it all depends on your photography style when you prefer to use a reflector. I recommend to buy a reflector to go out and discover what your style suits the most.

All photos are unedited.

Do you use a reflector for your shoots?