Photo Diary – March 2015

        March was full with photo shoots, captured campaigns and lookbooks for fashion designers and made portraits for Fashiolista. I also created new editorials at beautiful locations with pretty models!

        The month started with a photo shoot for fashion designer Pauline van Dongen. Pauline specializes in wearable technology, she researches the body in a technologically textured space. Her designers are amazing, innovative and unique so I it was a pleasure to capture this wearable solar shirt. With this shirt you are able to charge your smartphone! And I can tell you, the second part of the shoot is coming soon! Do you want to know more about the solar shirt? click here. The hair and make-up was done by Angelique Stapebroek and the model is Ann @ Paparazzi Models.

        photo diaryphoto diary

        A few days later I captured a spring story together with stylist Annelies Wiersma and make-up artist Iris Zuidema. The model was Mara @ Elite Models and we had a lovely day in the studio! The editorial is published at Huf Magazine.

        liselottefleur-annelieswiersma-14photo diary

        Right after the photo shoot I went to Antwerp with my boyfriend for a birthday of one of his friends. The next morning the sun was shining and it felt like spring!

        IMG_1472 asked me to capture their team every month for their new website, so this was the first time and it was fun! You can see the results here.

        photo diaryf

        I love to buy new stuff for my own studio, this time I decided to buy three new backdrops! Dark red, white and light blue.

        photo diary

        The sun was shining, but it wasn’t warm at all…  Together with stylist Noormah Zahir, make-up artist Thoke Delorge and model Fleur @ Dune Agency we went to the beach to capture a new story. But we had to work quite fast because of the cold wind, but we are happy with the pictures!

        photo diary

        The next day make-up artist Felicia Williams and model Dieke @ Elite Models came to my studio to create some beauty shots.

        diekephoto diary

        The day after there was another team at work in my studio. Together with make-up artist Iris Zuidema and stylist Isabelle kwantes we captured a blue story with new face Rosemarie @ Micha Models. The black and white picture is a naturel test shot and then we went crazy with the hair and make-up! You can see the editorial at my website.


        It was amazing to visit the seminar/live shoot of my favorite photographer Lara Jade at Shoot Amsterdam. I admire her work since I was 17 when a classmate told me that my pictures reminds her at the work of Lara Jade. Since then she always inspired me to believe in yourself and use what you have.

        photo diary

        It was time a new haircut!

        photo diary

        My mum and I went to the Rijksmuseum and had a nice afternoon in Amsterdam.

        photo diary photo diaryphoto diary

        Addicted to this pink-brown shade by MAC! (Faux, Cosmo, Coral Bliss, Twig and Modesty).

        photo diary

        Another shoot at the beach! This time for fashion designer Anita de Groot, but this time there was a storm and it was raining.. So sad, but we did it!

        photo diary

        I love shadows and lines, this time I was enjoying a day off with my boyfriend in Nijmegen and Arnhem.

        photo diary

        The next day I left early for a photo shoot with stylist Lotte Bouws, make-up artist Eldridge Mullenhof and model Lotte Keijser @ De Boekers. The location was so beautiful! We had a long but great day and I can’t wait to share the results. We had a lot of fun and captured many outfits!

        photo diary photo diary photo diary

        In this perfect studio we captured a trendreport for you! What a talented team again! Thanks to stylist Amy Kleingeld, make-up artist Peter Dwars and model Silke @ Future Faces!

        FullSizeRenderIMG_2216 IMG_2205 FullSizeRender[1]

        March ended with a campaign and lookbook shoot for fashion designer Alexandra Frida. We are family and we both have the same surname: Vollebregt. The funny thing is: we both using our second names as our artist name: Alexandra Frida and Liselotte Fleur. We know each other for two years now and I was happy to capture her new collection! We worked with a huge team and three pretty models from Wilma Wakker, SPS and Ulla Models. Coming soon :)

        photo diaryphoto diaryphoto diary

        In April I would love to spend more time in this blog, and the first of April I’ll work for ELLE!

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        Liselotte Fleur



        Wat een prachtige foto’s!! En wat gaaf dat je voor ELLE gaat werken.

        Liselotte Fleur · The Fashion Camera

        Dankjewel! Ja het was erg leuk om voor ELLE te werken gisteren!