Photo Diary – Janauary 2015

        It’s time to look back at January! It was a lovely but very busy month, I was in Amsterdam almost every day, I did many photo shoots and this was my final month at Chapter Friday.

        January started with a new publication at Huf Magazine. I can’t wait to work outside soon, but it’s too cold at the moment.

        huf magazine

        In the first week of this month, I went to Amsterdam for 2 intensive days to work for the talented INDIVIDUALS (AMFI students) team! We captured their A/W 15-16 collection. The first day we shot the editorial and the second day the lookbook. I was very lucky to work with an assistent. Jonathan Vorsselman also assist me during the INDIVIDUALS shoots last year. We enjoyed the collaboration! The preview of the shoot was published at the Harpers Bazaar website :) To see the results, click here.

        FullSizeRender[1] b4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

        I don’t capture a lot of male models, so it is always nice to work with a men’s fashion designer. Joelle Hoogstraten made these outfits and we shot with 2 models outside on a very very windy day, but the light was beautiful!


        The next assignment was a shoot for designer Danya Weevers. The idea was to shoot on location, at the beach. But the weather was very bad, so we decided to hire a studio in Amsterdam. We worked with a great team, Charlotte Mailhe for the hair and make-up and John @ Wilhemina Models + Elisabeth @ Rocket Garage. You can see the final results at my website!

        FullSizeRender IMG_0096 IMG_0061liselotte-fleur_950

        Another day in the studio! This time I worked with the AMFI Denim Minor students who had to create some outfits for G-Star. I was impressed by hair and make-up, thanks Deniece van der Molen! There was a very nice vibe during the shoot and they did an amazing presentation at the G-Star HQ! You can have a look at the lookbook here.


        This day, I was booked for 2 photo shoots. In the morning we captured three outfits for designer Liesa Tops at a beautiful location. The natural hair and make-up was done by Berry Ruijsch. It was the most special shoot I did this month, probably because of the magical location and light. The pictures are now online at my website.

        IMG_0274 b2 b1

        When we finished the lookbook for Liesa Tops, the next team of designer Eline Breuker picked me up and we drove to the location. We shot in a church that was converted into a bar/club. Unfortunately it was cold there and a nightmare came true, the model decided to stop after two outfits. But I’ll collaborate with Eline soon to make a new editorial with all three outfits! The hair and make-up was done by Peter Dwars and it was great to work with him again :)


        The next day, I went to Amsterdam again and shot the mini collection of Laura Pueschner, also at nice location!


        My final shoot this month was in the beautiful NL studio’s (yes, Amsterdam again). I worked with Sophie Lee, she is a Vogue stylist intern. The hair and make-up was done by Romina Mazzitelli and we had a nice day! The pictures are coming soon.

        january diary january diary

        January was also my final month at Chapter Friday. After six months my time was over. I enjoyed every single day with Yara and the team at the office! Here are some highlights of this month. It started with a nice publication on TV, Koffietijd! They showed 5 of my pictures. I also spotted my picture in Elle Magazine and at the website of Glamour Magazine.


        Elle Magazine


        Linda Tol and Renwe.


        Glamour Editor Stephanie Broek.


        Yara’s home project – make my bedroom feel like a boutique hotel.


        Cotton Cake.


        Fashion Week!

        january diary

        For more: visit the Chapter Friday website!

        At my other job at Kamera Express, they spotted my name in the Olympus News Flash, nice!

        january diary

        The month ended with a lovely walk with my boyfriend. I enjoyed January and all the collaborations! Soon more about my final month at Chapter Friday and let’s see what February will bring..

        january diary

        Liselotte Fleur



        Wat heb je toch veel talent! Gave foto’s allemaal.


        Dankjewel, erg leuk om te lezen!