Our (Almost) Finished Home Office

        I’m so excited to share you a few images of our new home office! If you follow me on Instagram (@liselottefleur), you probably noticed that we recently moved. We went from an apartment to a house, so we have more space and there are some more good things about this new and beautiful place: we have one floor that we will only use as our office were we can work on our businesses! This also means that I will stop hiring my own studio in Rotterdam by the end of this month, because it’s too far away from home and I don’t have a lot of shoots there anymore. When I work with clients in a studio, they always rent a big studio in Amsterdam, because my own studio was only ment for portfolio shoots. I have a much bigger desk right now and it’s great that the office is part of our home right now so we can work together. We even created a third work space for our future intern. (Interested in a intership with us, click here to read more!)

        The office is not 100% finished yet, but I couldn’t wait and I decided to share a few images with you!

        I’m wearing my new summer sandals from Sacha Shoes and I love that these black heels give every outfit an extra touch. Another thing that I like is the fact that the heels are not too high so they are comfortable enough for a day at work in our office! According to me this is the perfect basic item that every women should have in her closet :) – In collaboration with Sacha Shoes.

        Liselotte Fleur