One Month To Go In L.A.

        IMG_1918One month to go… Times flies when you’re having fun! I think November 1st was the final warm day (30 °C) and from now on we go back to 25 – 20 °C what sounds better to me. I’m very done with wearing shorts and feeling warm all the time. (That awkward moment when the Uber driver looks at you and immediately turns on the air conditioning..) My Crossfit membership ended today but since I have 2 more weeks till my boyfriend is coming, I decided to join the classes for the upcoming days! I noticed that my body changed in a good way and besides that, I like to have a reason to wake up early every morning to join the class at 9am. Another great thing about the Crossfit gym is the fact that the trainers and the other people are very very kind and helpful. It feels like personal training and sometimes it is. When I’m the only one with the trainer, the second trainer is also joining the class so we are just with the 3 of us. Another difference with the Gym classes I’m used to do in Rotterdam is that here are more men than women. Probably because it’s very intensive and I’m not surprised anymore to see some abrasions, calluses and bruises after a good training.

        While writing this post I’m trying to organize the road trip that I am going to do with my boyfriend. So excited! But it’s very hard to plan a road trip in November because some National Parks, roads or activities are closed because of the weather conditions. It can be so cold! Didn’t expect it to be snowy. I have some sweaters, a warm The North Face vest and low hiking shoes with me, but not a winter coat, scarf and snow boots. We would love to vist Sequoia National Park, Grand Canyon, Mammoth Lake, Big Bear Lake, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, MCWay Falls, Laguna Beach, Malibi, El Matador, Los Angeles and more.. But we know we can’t see everything in just 2 weeks, so we are still planning and doing a big research. It seems like a combination of snowy mountains and beautiful sunny beaches, sounds interesting! :) Please let me know if you have some tips.


        I’m still happy when I see the funny high palm trees every time! So typical California!

        A lovely afternoon at Echopark with the skyline of Downtown LA.


        Runyon Canyon, I think I’ll go back here this week to hike! The last time I was here for a photo shoot and it was way to hot. downtown LA

        Downtown LA was very impressing. The good parts look like New York (not that I’ve been there haha), but I really liked the vibe and high buildings (for a few hours). But when I walked a few blocks further, there were more homeless, bad/cheap shops, strange people, crazy people and scary people. I decided to turn and walked back in one straight way as hard as I could. It was a bit scary because I was alone. But nothing happend and when I came back in the good part I had a delicious lunch and a coffee break. I still want to go back to Downtown, but maybe I have to do even more research. Although even the locals say it’s hard to figure this out because the good and the bad parts are so close to each other.

        downtown LAdowntown LA

        For the upcoming days I’ll do a few more shoots and not sure about the other days. Maybe visiting some museums, go hiking in Griffith Park and Runyon Canyon and trying to discover some new places in Los Angeles where I haven’t been before! All tips and ideas are welcome.


        Shot on film by Stefanie Vinsel.

        Still very happy to be here, I enjoy every moment and I learned so much about myself, about the USA and in general. Traveling alone is always a good experience. Some true quotes from about ‘Why all women should travel solo in their lives.’

        “Travelling solo as a woman will not only give you confidence and independence, it will also teach you to love yourself.

        You don’t just learn what is important in life, but what is important in YOUR life.

        Then there’s the obvious ways you will educate yourself…. language, culture, tradition, cuisine…. you name it. Everything will be different and exciting and new. You will learn to live in a world completely different to what you know.

        Women who travel solo – for whatever reason, for whatever they take away from it, for whoever they meet along the way, for whatever they miss back home, will experience a change that is simply indescribable. It isn’t an adjective or a word found in the dictionary…. it is a feeling of freedom. Of discovery. Of self.”


        Liselotte Fleur



        Wat gaat dat snel hé! Gelukkig heb je nog een leuke roadtrip op de planning. En ik zie goede redenen om wat te shoppen? Leuke sweaters en schoenen, haha!

        Liselotte Fleur · The Fashion Camera

        Ja ik heb wat warme kledingstukken gekocht! Zal er nog een blog post over maken, de komende 2 weken kan ik veel foto’s maken voor de blog en ik heb mijn vriend als fotograaf! :)

        Klinkt heel leuk om crossfit te doen in L.A. Ik was er ook aan begonnen hier in Nederland maar het werd me te zwaar dus was gestopt haha. En hele leuke foto’s! xx

        Liselotte Fleur · The Fashion Camera

        Wat leuk dat je het ook hebt geprobeerd! Het moet inderdaad bij je passen, hier zeggen mensen ook vaak dat ze het te zwaar vinden. Maar persoonlijk vind ik dat wel fijn, ik ben weer geen yoga type bijvoorbeeld. Ieder zijn ding!