Norway Road Trip Part V – Mountains & Bergen

        During our stay in Odda we had a nice hike/walk to Bondhusvatnet in Folgefonna National Park. We really wanted to explore this national park so I was very happy that we were able to do it. Earlier this week we had to cancel a hike because of the bad weather.. We woke up early and drove to the parking of this park. It was a nice walk to the Bondhusvatnet lake and we were the only one when we arrived, it was so peaceful! After a short lunch and taking some (drone) photos two other couples arrived and not much later an entire class of students came to enjoy the lake as well. Later also Dutch students did the same hike. Wow.. we were so lucky that we arrived before all those other people because the vibe was very different.

        After our stay in Odda, we drove to our final destionation: Bergen. When we arrived we visited some stores and we had a fun dinner with our Norwegian friend . The next day we visited Ulriken (643m), the highest of Bergen’s seven mountains. We had a short hike and it was very interesting to see the city from above. Afterwards we walked around in the sunny city center again, the sun is pretty rare in Bergen so we were very lucky! This city in Norway is the rainiest city in Europe. Rain is almost here 270 days per year, and annual precipitation is up to 3000 mm.

        The next day it was time to go home, we went to the ferry (in Bergen) and after 18 hours we arrived in Hirtshals in Denmark. Then we drove back for at least 10 hours. It was the best trip we did so far and we really appreciated to combine our love for photography, travel and each other :) If you have any questions, you can contact me on Instagram @liselottefleur.

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        Liselotte Fleur