Norway Road Trip Part III – From Storm, to Sun to Snow

        We woke up in Trollveggen and we were happy when the rain stopped for a few hours. We wanted to go back to capture the beautiful landscapes with our new gear: The Canon EOS R + RF 28-70mm f/2.0, the Sirui Monopod P224-S, the Sirui T-2004X Tripod and the Sirui G-20KX Ball Head. I already own the tripod for a few years, and recently I got the monopod to use during my commercial lookbook shoots to avoid camera shake when I’m working with heavy lenses. We’ve also been using Hoya UV filters to protect our lenses, and to create some interesting effects we used the NDX8 filter and the Circulair Polaroid filter.

        After this super cold shoot we drove all the way up to Ålesund, but that wasn’t a good decision.. On the local news they were talking about a storm, and they were right. The non-stop wind and rain were not fun at all, so we stayed in a hotel in the city center and we really hoped that we were able to explore the city the next morning. The photos I captured were the only 5 minutes without rain, and the streets were completely empty. We decided to drive back to the south-east of Norway because there was a lot of sun. It was a 6 hour drive to Lillehammer, but this was the best decision ever! The landscapes during these 6 hours were amazing and we really enjoyed to see the sun again. We were able to sleep in our roof tent and the next morning we walked around in the cute and sunny center of Lillehammer where it was around 15 degrees of Celcius. In the afternoon we drove to Ustaoset, a beautiful village in the nature. There was a lot of sun, but the wind was so hard and it was freezing outside, so we went out to see the village and decided to drive a bit more. Then we even noticed some snow in the Hardangervidda! Super impressive to see the weather changing in just a few days. We love Norway because the landscapes are different every hour. In this post you will understand what I mean. We slept in a cute hotel in the middle of the Hardangervidda National Park, but I’ll safe this for the next post!

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        Liselotte Fleur