Norway Road Trip Part II – Glacier Tour and a lot of Rain

        Today I’m sharing the second part of our road trip in Norway this September. We started at Route 55 and had a nice trip via Marifjora to the beautiful nature of Jostedal. The next day we had an exciting program, we did a kayaking and glacier tour at Styggevatnet! We started with kayaking for 2 hours until we arrived at the glacier. There we had a lunch and added spikes to our shoes so we were able to walk/climb on the glacier. It was a super special experience and we were so happy we did this! Then after another 2 hours at the glacier we went down again, back to the boats. Then it was time to kayak all the way back to the starting point. During this trip I was wearing my ‘Crumpler Flying Duck Half-Camera Backpack’, my Fujifilm camera was stored at the bottom of the backpack in the camera compartment and my lunch, gloves and other personal stuff was placed at the top of the backpack. Kayaking was quite challenging for us and our arms were very tired at the end of the day. Luckily there was no rain, because the next day the storm with non-stop rain started in Norway..

        After 2 nights at Jostedal we went to Olden, at the same camping as we stayed last year were we stayed in a nice cabin because there was so much rain. We decided to go out in the rain to capture some campaign shots and some extra shots that I will show you in this post. After these days we went to Trollstigen and Trollveggen, another amazing place to discover! Last year we’ve also been here and we really wanted to go back so we decided to spend the night at a cute cabin and capture some other campaign shots here. That’s it for now, tomorrow I’ll upload a new post with even more photos!

        All our photos are edited with our own presets, if you want to discover them as well, click here!

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        Liselotte Fleur