My Favorite Workout

        Besides photography and fashion, my other passion is sports, and with sports I mean fitness. I danced for seven years (ballet, streetdance, jazz ballet and tap dance) when I was younger until it took to much time when I was in high school. Then I did badminton and tennis and soon I decided to follow fitness classes at the gym, that is already eight years ago. In the mean time I’ve spent six months in Milan and three monhts in Los Angeles. In Milan I took Hip Hop Dance classes because six months without any sports would be a nightmare for me (especially in Italy where there is pizza and wine you know…). In Los Angeles I did Cross Fit for 2 months and because it was so expensive (welcome in LA, where everything is $$$) I decided to go EVERY morning! That was my best sport experience ever, because the Cross Fit location was very small and the classes were very personal. The two instructors where both really nice guys and they helped me a lot with the new techniques and it was a lot of fun. Some mornings it was just me and the instructor, so it was a personal training! I absolutely miss these great times… Back home I continued the Body Pump, BBB, HIIT, Core Training, Zumba and Combat classes at my gym. Something I don’t like is running, I think I simply don’t understand the techniques to breath normally and to avoid a headache while running. Not sure what is wrong with me, but I prefer to do many push ups in stead of running a few kilometers :) Do you recognize this or am I the only one? Sometimes during spring and summer I like to do an outdoor workout. What is your favorite workout?

        Sport top, vest and legging: Reece Individual
        photography by my intern: Lois Doran – made with my Olympus OMD EM1 Mark II.

        Liselotte Fleur




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