My Book – An Update

        In January this year I started writing on my first book, a book full with tips for the starting fashion photographer. I started writing in Dutch, because this is more comfortable for me. And because there is not a book like this in The Netherlands at the moment.

        I already wrote 20 chapters in 30.000 words and I’m very happy with everything. On my Instagram I asked my followers what they wanted to learn, and then I started writing again. This made me feel more secure, now I know that I’m writing about the right topics and that I’m really able to help and support other photographers. I received many kind messages and people are really waiting for the book, so I’m super motivated to work on it during the days that I’m not working/shooting for my clients. Thanks!

        As soon as I can get everything confirmed with a publisher, I will share more details with you. For the moment I created this page (in Dutch) where I will promote the book on my website.

        If you want to ask me something about the book, or if you want to share your photography struggles with me so I can write about this and help you and others, please feel free to send me an email!

        ps. My idea was to create a real (printed) book in The Netherlands and an E-Book in English. For the English version I’m not sure yet how this works with the rights of the text, so I come back about this later. I really hope we can figure this out, I will work on it!

        Liselotte Fleur