Monday Motivation By Lola Haro

        During a photoshoot in the streets of Antwerp I met Lola, a sweet girl and model with her own unique style. She was very proactive in a pleasant way. It’s great when models come up with some nice ideas and give me different poses and expressions. I was wondering about her story and her experiences as a starting model, so I asked her these 8 questions!

        Hi Lola! Can you tell us something about yourself?
        My name is Lola Lolita Haro and I’m 18 years old. I live in Antwerp where I also attend art school. I’m singed as a model with Dominique Models. I like fashion and I’m really busy with creating my own style. Beside that I really like music. I play drums already for 10 years and I’m now busy with learning piano and guitar. I’m a co organiser of an art collective named Crackhouse. (It has nothing to do with crack but it’s a funny word game in Dutch.) We inspire each other in different forms of art like music, paintings, poetry, design and more.


        How did you get interested in becoming a model? Or how were you discovered?
        As a kid I never thought about becoming a model. Back then I would rather play football and skate with the boys. My parents knew a lot about fashion and have many friends who work in the fashion industry. They thought that if I would present myself to an agency there was a high chance they would hire me. After a lot of questions and scoutings on the streets I started working.

        What do you love most about your job?
        One of my favourite things is that I get the opportunity to see the entire world and meet a lot of different people. I met some great people who became friends and I’m very grateful for that.


        You have to be a survivor because there is a lot of loneliness.

        How would you describe your style?
        My style is rather easy going and natural. You can read my emotions on my face. That gives my pictures a little sad but romantic touch. Photographers like this because I’m completely myself at work. I’m very playful but as it comes to work I’m very professional and focused.

        What would you say that is the biggest challenge about working in the fashion industry?
        Staying who you are. There is a lot of pressure, results always come first and it has to go fast. There is no time to waste. That gives quite some stress but I have the feeling that up till now I’m still coping well with all of that. As a model you get a lot of comments, sometimes positive, sometimes negative. You have to be strong willed to survive all of that and still stay yourself. Every time this happens it also makes me emotionally stronger and sure about who I am!


        My style is rather easy going and natural. You can read my emotions on my face.

        Best advice you’ve ever received?
        Just stay yourself. Everyone will like you more without attitude. We are all just human!

        The best tip you have for anyone wanting to start a career as a model?
        You have to be a survivor because there is a lot of loneliness. When you want to do this you really have to want it very much!


        Now, THE BIG QUESTION that everybody’s wondering, what is your best Monday Motivation?
        My coffee with a lot of milk always helps on Monday mornings. It cheers me up and makes me grateful for the new opportunities laying a head!








        photography: Liselotte Fleur / styling: Kelly Leloup / makeup and hair: Pascale Hoogstraate / model: Lola @ Dominique Models

        Thanks Lola! I loved working with you, maybe we meet again in the future?! I wish you all the best!
        Would you like to see more of Lola? Instagram: @lolitaharo

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        Liselotte Fleur