Model interview with Mira

        Mira Frinsel from the agency Max Models is just 15 years old. When I worked with her, she only did 4 photo shoots before. At the moment she is at the end of the third year in high school, next year will be her final year. And who knows what will happen then… I asked her some questions about her starting career as a model.

        How did you get into modeling?
        I guess I was fourteen years old, and I always saw pictures in magazines of models and I actually thought it would be great if I can do that too. So I send my pictures to Max Models and after that I was invited to a casting at the agency. When I came there I was very nervous. The next day I received an email from the agency that they wanted to sign me in, I was very happy!

        What do you enjoy most about this job?
        I actually like a lot of things, to many to mention!

        Do you have a skin care routine?
        Yes I definitely have a skin care routine. I think it’s very important to clean and take care of your skin because your skin gets hydrated. I personally feel clean and fresh when I clean my face and take care of my skin. In the evening I put my make-up off with a cotton wipe, then I cleanse my face with a facial toner, the next step is to wash my face with a face wash and after that I’m using some cream to pamper my face. In the morning my routine will be almost the same (without removing the make-up of course).

        When you’re not busy modeling, what are some of your favorite things to do?
        I really like to do sports and workouts, it’s like a habit and I love it! And when I’m also not working on school, I like to watch a movie and relax a little bit. Besides this, I also like to have fun with friends.

        Which (famous) model do you admire the most?
        Cara Delevingne, I think she is such an inspirational woman because she is really herself. When I see pictures or video’s of Cara she is a very funny girl and she shows that she stays herself no matter what. You can also see that she has so much fun on the set with her friends. And besides all of that Cara gets great opportunities, she worked for Karl Lagerfeld, Mulberry and many more. I admire her very much!

        Thanks Mira! Hope you will do some amazing jobs in the future!

        At the left in the picture above you see Lotte @ Max Models. Soon her pictures and interview will be online!

        Liselotte Fleur


        Guadalupe Parnell

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        Geweldige foto’s! Love it !

        Hey Mira wat leuk joh. Wist helemaal niet dat jij dit deed ! Echt nog heel veel succes voor in de toekomst schat ! X