Model Interview With Lotte

        As promised; here is the interview I did with Lotte. At this moment she is in Malta to improve her English language, a great idea when you would like travel and be an international model. I wish her all the best!

        Hi Lotte, can you introduce yourself shortly?

        Hello, my name is Lotte and I am 18 years old. My Dutch modeling agency is Max Models and my hobby’s are cooking and I love to have a long walk with my dog. I also like to spend time with my family and friends and of course I enjoy my job as a model.

        How were you discovered?
        I was sixteen years old when I was discovered at the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam by a famous photographer Otto van den Toorn. He was scouting girls for a television program called: Model For One Day. In the end he chose me out of three other girls. The same day I had a really big photo shoot with him and a team at a huge house in Amsterdam and the photos where shown to the jury who chose the girl they liked the most for the agency. From that day my whole life changed because I won the program and got a contract at Max Models.

        What do you enjoy most about this job?
        The best thing about this job is going to places you’ve never been before. I also see a lot of places in Holland. Besides this, I like to meet new people. They are always so nice and you can learn a lot of them because every person is so different. I love to shine in all those beautiful clothes and wear nice make-up. And last but not least, I like to see the results of the photo shoot.

        How do you stay in shape?
        I really love to eat very healthy and that means that I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, nuts and food that is rich in nutritions. You don’t have to eat less if you want to stay in shape, because you have to give your body what it deserves. If you eat the healthy stuff there is no attraction to things like cookies and chocolate. Of course I also want things like that but it’s not on my main menu. I also have a really big white dog who has to walk a lot so that is a second way how I take care of my body. I don’t really have to do much more to stay in shape because I have a really quick metabolism.

        What is your dream as a model?
        I would love to visit beautiful places all over the world, because I love to travel and see different countries.

        Which (famous) model do you admire the most?
        I love the look of Bregje Heinen. She is such a natural beauty with the perfect body. She has a lot of big jobs all over the world and I would love that too!!! She goes all over the world and does the most perfect jobs. I love to follow her!

        Thanks Lotte!
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        Liselotte Fleur