Meet Our New Family Member

        This December is very special for me because I finally became a dog mom! I grew up with dogs and I always enjoyed the good ‘friendship’ with them. Since we moved to our new home last summer I really wanted to have my own dog and we talked about this a couple of times. Especially during our travels when we saw other couples walking their dogs at the most beautiful places and noticed their happiness.

        I was doubting between a toy- or miniature poodle or a dachshund (teckel, dackel, doxie, sausage dog or how you want to call them). A poodle was really hard to find because they are so populair and this didn’t felt right to us. We were also very interested in the dachshund because we love how they are and how they look. We didn’t want to go for the smallest size (there are three sizes of dachshund: kaninchen, mini and standard and then you have the wired hair, smooth hair and long hair) so we decided to go for the biggest one of the breed. Actually we didn’t know how big this would be, so this is still a surprise. They said the standard dachshund in combination with the long hair is less interested in haunting and has a more soft character than the others, they tend to be the quietest and sweetest-natured, so this sounded perfect to us!

        After doing some good research I found a good breeder and they had one pup left. We visited the little boy and brought him home on December 7th , he was 10 weeks old. We called him “VINO” because we were looking for a short and cool name, we love Italy, and we love wine :) He was born on September 23rd in 2019 together with five brothers.

        We love him so much already and we can’t wait to go on adventures together!

        You can follow Vino on Instagram: @teckel_vino/

        Liselotte Fleur


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