No Fair Weather: Make a Rain Plan For Every Shoot

        The weather is a fickle thing and does not always cooperate with your scheduled shoots. In the case of weddings, big family reunions, and other events that you have been hired to photograph, it may not always be possible to reschedule due to rain. Even if it is possible, you may make your clients or subjects very happy by having a rain plan in place that allows you to make the best of a rainy day and still capture the precious moments.

        Pack for Success

        When you set out for a shoot, make sure that you pack for the eventuality of rain or inclement weather, even if the forecast doesn’t call for it and it looks clear. Pack things like scene-fitting umbrellas, towels, and plastic bags that can help to keep your subjects dry and comfortable and your equipment safe. Make sure that you use storage bags for your equipment that will help to keep your equipment free from moisture, mud, and other potentially damaging debris.

        To keep the camera dry during shots, you may prefer to use a camera cover if you have one, but a plastic bag will usually do the trick. To keep the moisture away from your expensive lenses and out of the shots, use a LCD hood or shade.

        Carefully Review the Location

        Go to the location of the shoot in advance if at all possible, so that you can figure out where to shoot and come up with back-up plans. At reception venues and event locations, there are often structures like gazebos that can keep the subjects comfortable while you snap some photographs. Even heavy foliage canopies can protect against the rain. Awnings and eves can be your friend in a pinch. If all else fails, there may be a building that you can retreat to.

        The Fashion Camera

        Get Creative with Your Shots

        Glittering pavements, rain-streaked windows, and shiny leaves can make for beautiful backgrounds. You may have to switch lenses, use filters, and play with the flash in order to pick up on these details, however. Look at a scene from many angles and don’t be afraid to get down and dirty to get some unique shots. If your images are impressive, your clients will be thankful for your efforts.

        Stay Positive and Reassuring

        Don’t let a rainy day throw you off of your game! Stay positive and do what you can to still make the photo shoot happen, reassuring your clients that you will do your best to get the shots that they want in spite of the weather. This is a joyous occasion that they want to document, but they are likely to be worried that the day will not go as planned because of the rain. Your positivity may do wonders for helping to assuage their worries and make the best of the special day.

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