Lecture X Olympus Pen

As an Olympus visionary, I was asked to organize a lecture together with Kamera Express to talk about ‘style’ within photography. Style in fashion and portrait photography, but also on the go (travel photography) and about how to make more creative photos for your blog and Social Media. Olympus Pen focuses on women, fashion bloggers and girls who like to have a good camera, but with a good look and the possibility to add fashion accessories like leather bags beautiful camera straps and more. I must admit that I expected more this kind of audience where I also made my digital presentation for, but I was happy with the kind people who came to the lecture who were asking good questions and I saw them writing down my tips! Nothing better than a the interaction with the audience :) My previous lecture about fashion photography I did in July was for 80-90 people, and this small lecture for 30-40 people and I liked both, with a smaller group you have a better overview and for some people it’s better because they don’t want to ask questions in a bigger audience. My intern Klaudia Molenda made a photo impression for you! Now on to the workshops in January and February, where the people are able to make photos themselves!









My new accessories for the camera!

olympus pen