Let’s Talk About Model Casting

        The right model will influence the quality and results of a fashion editorial in a positive way. Not only because the model is in front of the camera and she is the first thing the viewer will see. But more important, the model can inspire the photographer and when this happens, magic will enter the set!

        A passionate team will be more motivated during the shoot with a good model.  Everyone knows they can use the images in their portfolio, so probably the team is also more motivated to achieve that special shot and work harder. If the photographer or another member of the is not inspired by the model, it will show in the results. This is waist of time and hard work.

        The relation of model to the location and theme is very important as well. For every theme or location you should cast the right model.

        I like to give directions to the model during a shoot, but it makes me happy when a model keeps making small movements at every click and tries different poses and expressions with her face and body. Of course I know this can be difficult but this simply works the best for most type of photo shoots. I don’t prefer a model who is just beautiful, instead I love to work with models who are very photogenic and who have something special or just are a little different.

        Sometimes I think people forget how important the model is. For example, I receive emails from fashion design students and they tell me their model is a friend or an acquaintance. No problem if the model isn’t signed with an agency, but then this person should be amazing in front of the camera. It’s not a costume pop who can wear some clothes, this person has to make magic in front the camera! And definitly not everyone is able to do this. Being a model is a hard job and I really admire the great models I worked with! I can’t describe the happy feeling to work with a passionate team and the moment when everything turnes out well.

        If the model isn’t interesting to look at, why would anyone look at your picture twice? Of course also the make-up, hair, styling, location and lights need to be good, but I hope you get my point :) I know there are probably photograpers who will have another opion, but these are mine thougts. And I want to say thank you to all the dedicated model agencies I worked with. Thank you!

        What are your thoughts on model casting?

        Liselotte Fleur


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