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        I always enjoy to scroll through the photos on my iPhone, where I see fun snapshots, photos of my latest trips or behind the scenes stories of my fashion shoots. Soon I realize that I have to delete many of these photos (or back-up them on my hard disk) to avoid a full Camera Roll. Another option is to print these photos and decorate my room or studio with these memories!

        Kodak Mini 2 Printer

        I received the Kodak Mini 2, an instant photo printer with a sleek and compact design that prints easily from every IOS or Android device. It was very easy to set up, I downloaded the Kodak App and connected it trough Bluetooth (WiFi or NFC connection is also possible for this printer if your phone allows this).

        For photo printing, editing and everything else on the printer I have to use Kodak’s app, because there are no buttons or displays on the printer itself. When I select my best photo for printing, I have the possibility to crop it, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness if needed. It also gives the option to add filters, borders or stickers, but personally I prefer to keep it simple. My photos are printed in less than a minute and dry instantaneously.

        Above you can see a preview from the app. At the left side the photo will be printed without any borders. The photo at the right side shows how the photo will look like with borders, you can use this option if you want to add stickers or write a text later. But keep in mind that the photo will be super small.

        Credit Card Size Photos With Real Ink and Photo Paper

        The all-in-one ink and paper cartridge produces credit card sized photos with incredible color and detail. Thanks to the 4Pass printing technology that layers each color (Yellow, Magenta and Cyan), the photos are similar in color as the original on my phone. All photos are printed on waterproof and fingerprint proof paper with an extra protective layer to ensure lasting image quality.

        Okay I must admit, The Kodak Mini 2 Printer is definitely not a cheap way to print your photos, but if you keep this in mind when making your print selection, it’s worth the money. I’m thinking about to create a mini photo wall in my studio where I can show some behind the scenes pictures. Or it’s a nice gift to give away a mini photo of the model after a shoot!

        Do you print your smartphone photos, or do you use an instant photo printer? Let me know!

        A gadget for those who are looking for an easy way to print small but good quality photos from your phone.

        Specs & Details

        • Photo size: 2.1” x 3.4” (Credit Card size 53.3 x 86.4 mm)
        • Dimensions: 3.0”W x 5.2”L x 1”D (78.2 x 132.4 x 25.4mm)
        • Weighs in at 8.4oz (238g)
        • Main connection: Wi-Fi Direct NFC & Bluetooth
        • Input: Micro USB port for charging
        • Battery: 620 mAh lithium polymer (not removable)
        • Charge time: 1.5 hours
        • Prints per charge: 20
        • Print time: about 50 seconds
        • Printing method: Dye sublimation thermal transfer
        • Gradation: 256 Gradations/16.7 million colors
        • App available via Google Play & App Store
        • Compatible Ink Cartridges: MC-20, MC-30, MC-50
        • Colors: Black, White, Blue, Pink, Purple





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