Q&A With Makeup Artist Yazmin + Stylist Lauren

        My favorite part of my job as a fashion photographer is meeting (and working with) creative people. I love to hear their stories and to talk about our experiences in the fashion industry. Creative minds inspire others! I asked makeup artist Yazmin van Beek and stylist and designer Lauren Kalkdijk some questions, read their story below!



        Name: Yazmin van Beek
        Hometown: Leiden
        Instagram: yazmin.vbeek

        Yazmin van Beek is a 23 year old make-up artist and hairstylist from Leiden. She studied make-up and hair @ House of Orange make-up school and hair school.

        How did you get interested in becoming a makeup artist?

        A few years ago I was a model on a make-up school. I felt like a whole new world opened up for me. So much creativity and so much cool things you could do. A few years later I decided to take the step and sign up for the school. When I finished the school I started shooting and I knew this was the job for me.

        How would you describe your style?

        I am definitely a freestyler. I think it’s very important to feel the vibe on set, see how the models behave and find a style that suits them. What has been your proudest moment in your career so far? It felt like an honour when I got asked to assist Siko van Berkel during Paris fashion Week. I’ve learned so much during that time.

        Can you share your best beauty tip?

        My best beauty tip is Shine serum from Sasha Juan, it gives every hair type a healthy glow. It also protects the hair and repairs damaged ends.

        What makes you happy?

        I sounds really cheesy, but I love my job. It makes me happy to create beautiful things. Even when you stand in the rain all day, and things don’t come easy. My job gives me a lot of energy.

        What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?

        I have loads of tattoo’s.

        The Fashion Camera

        The Fashion Camera


        Name: Lauren Kalkdijk
        Hometown: Amsterdam, New York from November on.
        Instagram: laurennkalkdijk

        Hi! My name is Lauren and I’m a 20 year old fashion stylist and designer about to move to the Big Apple! I grew up in a small town in the North of the Netherlands, mostly known as the countryside. Fashion and art are not really main interests where I come from. People seemed to live by a code: Don’t stand out from the crowd. I guess that pushed me even more to become the person I am today.

        How did you get interested in becoming a fashion designer?

        Well I guess somehow this was genetically planned. You see, my grandma from my mothers’ side came from a large family where fashionable clothes weren’t as important as functional and practical clothes. Clothes were bought to be as neutral as possible, so you could where it anytime, anywhere and with anything. Still she always worked hard to save her money for more special clothes. And so did my mother, she worked in the fields to save her money for beautiful designer clothes. A lot of the clothes I have are from when she was my age. I guess this already triggered my interest in designing. Next to that I find it very hard to find original clothes these days. You can find mass production clothing around almost every corner, and you could probably describe our generation as the H&M and Zara generation.

        I mean, I get it since it’s cheap and it moves along with the trends, and you can buy something new more often.
        But there’s nothing that beats the satisfaction of wearing something nobody else could possibly possess, made by your own hand. Even the hours of fixing mistakes and cutting yourself over and over again, somehow strengthen that feeling. I strongly believe that if you are really dedicated to what you believe in, you can do it! I never had a sewing class in my life and by now I can nearly sew anything I want.

        How do you get inspiration for your collections?

        I honestly get inspired by anything, music, art, people, nature, architecture, impulses and emotions. For example I always had a job in my dad’s supermarket, which was not the most challenging job. And sometimes I really didn’t know where I was going with my life because I’d be so impatient. Still I’d be inspired by people coming by, or on the way to work I’d pass beautiful nature and l’d get this warm glow over my body. I really believe that it depends on the way you look at life. As long as you open your eyes, there’s always something that will try to trigger your senses. If only you allow it to reach you. In the end, that simple job could inspire me and finance my fabrics.

        How would you describe your style of fashion?

        Eclectic all in! There are never colors or prints enough. I love all the items in my closet. My boyfriend often asks me why I combine everything together and not just use that one eye catcher to stand out. It’s because when I buy an item it somehow represents me. I often say: If I’d be a pair of pants, I would be these pants and so on with basically any item in my closet. My favorite outfits are when I can say that about each and every item.

        What are you working on now?

        Right now I’m busy preparing my internship in New York. I will be leaving in November, so I’m really counting down the days. Next to that, I’m working on a new collection. Mostly printed suits with all kinds of fun details and different pockets! I’m really excited about it so far. But sewing a well structured and detailed suit is about the hardest thing I have worked on so far.

        What can we expect to see from you in the future?

        I hope a lot! It’s definitely my dream and ambition to change fashion into something more unique and somehow youthful. I consider fashion as fun and I think especially in a world we live in today, we could all use some fun.

        What makes you happy?

        I love the first day without my jacket biking on an early spring day. I love cooling my skin with the cold sea water and afterwards take a nice nap under a tree. I love the smell of cookies and pumpkin pie on a cold and rainy autumn day. And I simply love everything about Christmas. I’m easily happy! I’m impulsive like a child and still enjoy the small things in life so I guess if that doesn’t change I will have a happy life.

        What are you really good at?

        I’m good at helping people. My closest friends and family know that I’d always be there for them and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy.

        What is one thing people may be surprised to find out about you?

        I guess that I am a pretty subdued person. When I arrive somewhere, people often think I dress the way I dress to somehow draw attention. But people that know me, know I have been dressing the way I dress since I can remember. And even though I’m very open and easygoing, I love being alone and listen to music and read a book or write.

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