Five Quick Instagram Tips For Photographers

        Instagram is the place where I get in touch with new clients, stay in touch with my current clients and get inspired by other creatives. I post almost everyday because I enjoy to do this, but also because it feels important to me to do this. Lately the Instagram algorithm feels a bit strange and the engagement is getting lower by a lot of us, but let’s focus at creating good content and not about the numbers! Below I share five of my Instagram tips to stay updated with your audience.

        Show Yourself

        What I see on my Instagram account (@liselottefleur) is that the posts where I share a photo of myself and tell a personal story have more engagement than others. People are looking for stories and love to see who is behind that business account. I noticed that I do the same, when I discover a new photography account and looking at the editorial images, I always want to see or read something about this photographer. Do you remember the post I wrote about why it is important to be in front of the camera as well? When you are at the other side of camera, you will learn how models feel and what kind of directions they need. You can use this experience the next time when you are shooting your models again! And I promise you, it might take some time to get comfortable in front of the camera, but when you do this regularly, you will pose more natural! Share the results on Instagram and write a good but personal caption about your business or share some facts about yourself. People/clients will trust a photographer more when they get to know you on social media.

        Show Behind The Scenes Stories

        A few weeks ago I asked in my Instagram stories what my followers wanted to see, and 80% answered that they where interested in my behind the scenes stories and images. Most people don’t know exactly how a day of a photoshoot looks like, so it’s very interesting to see the light set up of the photographer, the team members at work and to ‘feel’ the vibe of a shoot. Since I started this blog I always captured behind the scenes images of my shoots, because I liked to share this and to create a diary for myself. Instagram Stories are the perfect way to share images and videos of your shoot day and to introduce your team members. I’m sure your followers like to see you at work! It’s also interesting for new clients to discover how your shoots look like.

        Ask Questions To Your Followers

        Social media is all about engaging with your followers. You can do this by writing good captions and asking questions. It’s fun to learn your audience a little bit better and in the same time your post will get a higher engagement rate, what means that your photo will show up in even more feeds of your followers. As a photographer, you can ask what kind of camera they are working with, what their favourite lens is, where they like to shoot (studio or location), ask them something about their business or about something more personal like how they spend their weekend. Give it a try! And don’t stop when you don’t get any response, it might take some time.

        Share Your Work Space / Equipment

        I’m sure people would love to see where you are working. Do you have a nice photo studio, your own workspace or office? Capture a little office tour with a short video or make some photos, you can share these in your Instagram Stories or in your feed as a carousel post. As a photographer, your followers probably asked about your equipment. Create a ‘What Is In My Camera Bag’ photo or video and tell something about your camera and lenses. Your future clients will see that you invested in your gear and other photographers might get inspired by your post.

        Show Before/After Images

        Do you love editing/retouching your images? Share a before and after post as a carousel on Instagram and show them your Photoshop/Lightroom skills! Sometimes it’s very impressing to see how photographers are editing their images and these kind of post are good to share as a photographer. If you want, you can even share a editing workflow video if you like to explain some more.

        It’s always good to stay personal (but professional) and post what feels good to you!

        photography: Kim @ Cloveur
        model: Liselotte Fleur

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        Liselotte Fleur