Inspiration: 3 favorite fashion magazines

There is an endless supply of fashion inspiration in the digital age with social media, blogs and smartphone apps like Instagram. I’m sure we are all fans of these daily inspiration boosts, but it will surprise you how refreshing it is to flip trough the pages of a paper magazine with full-color fashion editorials. Of course everybody knows the magazine queens like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and ELLE, but there are a so much more interesting independent fashion publications that deserve some attention for their unique style!

We all know that fashion inspiration is all around us, from the people we meet to the cities we live in and all the (advertising) pictures we come across in everyday life. In my teenage years I discovered my love for fashion photography by reading this kind of magazines and I still spend some too much money every month to collect the new editions.


“DANSK portrays fashion and luxury in ever pioneering ways. Intelligent and slick, it addresses the sophisticated international frontrunners of fashion. Launched in 2002, the unique signature of DANSK continues to break away from ordinary fashion publishing, and remains both original and inventive on the global market. DANSK features the best of what fashion has to offer – be it the world’s leading models, photographers and stylists, or the most desirable topics and characters of the moment – but does so with nordic panache and in ways always uniquely DANSK.”


“Wonderland is an international, independently published magazine offering a unique perspective on the best new and established talent across all popular culture: fashion, film, music and art.  They entertain, challenge and inform both men and women with editorial and fashion shot by the most in-demand photographers working today – they want to represent the positive and the playful elements of the fashion industry. It’s about inspiring, rather than dictating to the readers.”


“Love doesn’t follow fashion – it sets fashion’s agenda. Launched in 2009, Love magazine is a twice-yearly compendium of inspiration – for designers, for artists, for anyone looking for visual ideas, for anyone who loves fashion and design. Despite its glossy pages, the magazine has a raw look.”


What do you think of the above publications, do you already read them? Or are there any other magazines that you read for your fashion inspiration?