How To Stay Warm With Outdoor Shoots

Also during the colder days some clients like to organize a photo shoot outside. I love to work on location so for me it is no problem. I prepare myself for the cold moments with warm clothes and I make sure that my camera stays dry and clean when there it’s raining. The light during the winter time is very soft and easy to work with. Let’s have a look!

A thing that I always forget to wear is a  (1.) winter hat, but it is easy to wear, looks good and it’s warm. These boots look like regulair boots but they are special (2.) outdoor boots from Teva because they are made of highly water repellent leather. With this (3.) outdoor cleaning kit you make sure to remove dust, dirt and raindrops from your expensive gear. With this (4.) thermal pants you can hide that you are wearing a warm layer underneath your jeans. Also available as a (6.) thermal singlet and a (7.) thermal long sleeve shirt. Stay warm without looking like an outdoor freak :) I just discovered and bought this (5.) urban seat from Stealth Gear because I’m always sitting on the (wet and cold) ground or floor during photo shoots. I like to capture the models from a lower angle and with this lightweight seat shooting will be a little more comfortable! Especially designed for outdoor photographers, these Stealth Gear (8.) gloves or go for the more fashionable (9.) gloves with the same idea. You will work better and faster with warm hands! A (10.) rain sleeve is very lightweight and it’s smart to carry one in your bag to avoid raindrops on your camera. I love fashion and I like to look good but when it comes to outdoor shoots I prefer to stay warm in stead of looking fabulous while freezing in a thin leather jacket. The good thing is that there are a lot of nice jackets these days that are warm, water repellent and wind resistant like this black (11.) O’Neill Insulator JacketThe only bad thing is that the models are not happy to wear summer fashion when it is freezing outside. The model can cover herself with a warm (12.) fleece blanket in between the shots. This one from Stealth Gear is designed for outdoor photographers and easy to carry on.

What do you wear or carry on while shooting on location when it’s colder outside?