How To Make An Animated GIF

        In this tutorial you’ll learn how to turn 2 or more photos into a looping animated GIF. They’re easy to make and fun to watch. It will provide a new way to capture your viewers’ attention. All you need is Photoshop and just a few minutes of your time!

        The Fashion Camera

        I have Photoshop CC and it’s in Dutch, but I wrote everything I did in English.

        Open 2 or more photos, for this GIF file above I used just 2 photos. Make sure to place all the photos in one document.

        The Fashion Camera

        Go to Window > Timeline to open the Timeline panel. Click the arrow on the button in the middle of the panel and select Create Frame Animation.

        The Fashion Camera

        Click the button to create a new frame animation.

        The Fashion Camera The Fashion Camera

        In the Timeline palette menu ps, select Make Frames From Layers. This will take each layer in your document and set it as an individual frame.

        The Fashion Camera  The Fashion Camera

        Set the time frame for each photo and don’t forget to click the repeat menu from the bottom of the Timeline panel and select Forever. This will create a looping animation. Click play to see the result!

        The Fashion Camera

        Almost done! It’s time to export the animation as a GIF!
        Go to File > Export > Save for Web
        – Select GIF 128 Dithered from the Preset menu.
        – Select 256 from the Colors menu.
        – Select Forever from the Looping Options menu.
        -Change Width and Height fields in the Image Size options if needed.

        Now you can share your animated GIF to the world!

        The Fashion Camera


        Liselotte Fleur




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