Home Decor Stores And A Healthy Lunch

I’ve spent the weekend in home decor stores because on Friday I visited the location where I will built my own studio + workspace and I felt in love! There are 3 huge windows, white walls and a grey floor. It’s an empty schoolbuilding and there are 13 big rooms. There are working now (creative) people like artists, business owners and even a yoga class. The photo above is made from one of the windows. In the left you see the Euromast and it’s very close to the Erasmusbrug.

I collected inspiration from Pinterest, blogs, TV programs like vtwonen and magazines. At the moment I already have/bought the bigger furniture and decoration and I’m very excited to see the results. I will write some blogposts about this and make some good photos of course (a before and after would be nice).

Saturday I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Bertmans Rotterdam with my friends, I really recommend this healthy lunch restaurant! After this meal we ordered a smoothie, this one is called ‘smoothie bruin’ and it’s so good, cacao, avocados, dates, vanilla and almond milk. It’s very filling! as you can see.

IMG_5426 IMG_5424

How was your weekend?